Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri enriches the Dior Chez Moi line with new pieces that redefine the art of living at home.

This Fall 2021, Dior is introducing new pieces to its loungewear capsule collection — Dior Chez Moi. With fashion running at the speed of light, Dior Chez Moi is luxury’s call to wind down as the pieces celebrate the beauty of slow living.

Maria Grazia Chiuri first presented Dior Chez Moi for Spring 2021. At the heart of the collection is the art of living at home — a sensibility that responds to the current situation and how the brand is pivoting during the pandemic.

Dior Chez Moi redefines luxury with an overarching theme of comfort. It is an invitation to elegance and the gentle life. This season, a reverse toile de Jouy and Dior Oblique — two of the Maison’s iconic codes — appear on Panama sets, bathrobes and ponchos. These leitmotifs, available in two of Monsieur Dior’s favourite shades — blue and gray — festooned the Mitzah scarves, D-Way mules, and the quintessential Dior Book Tote.

And with longer days spent at home, nightwear may be worn by day. Effortless and graceful, the collection puts forward fluid cuts that liberate the body — celebrating movement and the singularity of every silhouette. But that doesn’t mean these pieces are only meant for the home. Scroll next to check out the collection and how you can style it up for any occasion.

(All images: Dior/Pamela Hanson)
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Dior Maria Grazia Chiuri loungewear Dior Chez Moi
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