These blooms are apt for the Spring Festival.

Forgoing atypical Chinese New Year tropes, Dior’s take on the traditional wardrobe is most elegant and beautifully understated. Instead of yet another overt showcase spotlighted on the favoured seasonal palette of red and gold, Dior shifts its focus to a neighbouring motif toting just as much significance in the holiday: Flowers. A celebrated muse across all disciplines, florals — upholding meanings of luck and prosperity — are especially beloved during the lunar new year, flourishing in homes as beautiful grand bouquets that stun and impress. 

At Dior, the new, floral-centric pattern is introduced as ‘Dior Hibiscus’. Familiar, it may seem; the dreamy pattern is a romanticised rendition of the House’s ‘Mille Fleurs’ blossoms first unveiled in the Cruise 21 collection. The dark and unruly wildflowers are swiftly discarded from its original florid mood and replaced by a lighter, brighter, sepia-toned field that imparts a soft, ethereal elegance — pressing into a perfect sweet spot of being both nostalgic and contemporary at the same time.

Similarly inspired by bucolic Apulian landscapes, the titular pattern casts the hibiscus rosa-sinensis flora as the focal, vividly daubed in red and blue and connected by a shimmering metallic thread. Propping up in between, long stalks of golden ears of wheat — a painterly replica of scenic countryside meadows. 

One that will last beyond the holiday, well into the spring season and beyond, the Dior Hibiscus is an honest extension of the House codes and design savoir-faire. Find alternate interpretations within the French maison‘s most well-loved pieces: intricately embroidered on the signature book tote (available in all three sizes!); printed upon the Saddle and Lady Dior; and delicately reinterpreted over a sheer tulle overlay for blouses, skirts and shoes. 

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong.

Lorria Sahmet
Style Editor
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