When we thought we’ve seen the last of people strapping their bags across their hip and settle for crossbody bags instead — oh how wrong we were.

Fanny packs had a small comeback in 2017, with multiple celebrities like Hilary Duff, Rita Ora, and Kylie Jenner were seen with them hanging across their hips. Back then, Alexander Wang, Gucci, and Prada’s fanny packs were the most sought-after brands when it comes to these hip-hugging pouches.

That look seems to have evolved into another trend: the belt bag. But what are they really? Are they just a modernised version of a fanny pack with a ‘fancier’ name? After all, it goes around your hips too but instead of the usual snap and close buckle, belt bags have the strap just like any regular belt but with a small pouch slotted in.

Wear it as an actual belt, across the waist as a clincher or just sling it across your chest — no matter which way you decide to style them, your hands will definitely be free the entire time which we are in for.

Still not sure how to style belt bags? Scroll through our gallery for fashion inspirations from the best.

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