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These fuss-free hijab styles are suitable for every occasion

Running out of ideas to styling your hijab? We can help with you that.

At the Spring/Summer 2021 shows, fashion brands proposed countless ways to cover up. There were futuristic masks shown by Marine Serre, who has been offering stylish headgear on the runway long before the pandemic. Balenciaga models, meanwhile, wore turtlenecks that reached up over their noses, while the rest of their faces were obscured by sizeable sunglasses. At the Rick Owens show, long, chiffon scarves were poetically draped and tucked into sweaters, accompanied by matching hoods.

That last look, which was highly raved-about by fashion critics, bore a striking resemblance to that of a hijab-clad Muslim woman. Of course, for the latter, the head covering is not merely a fashion statement; it’s a symbol of her commitment to the Islamic faith.

There are other ways that the dress codes of Muslim women have seeped into fashion in recent years. In fact, modest fashion has been on the rise; Batsheva, one of the fashion brands that is leading the macro trend, frequently references the traditional clothing of Amish and Hasidic women. (The brand itself is bolstered by the support of young, stylish Muslim women.)

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The message is clear: covering up is cool. The trouble is that someone might sooner welcome a woman dressed head-to-toe in Rick Owens (or, for that matter, Marine Serre, whose ubiquitous crescent moon emblem is a nod to Islam), than if she wore a hijab of her choice.

“Her choice” — that’s another thing that the hijab symbolises. Like any other piece of clothing, the hijab is something that women explore and experiment with — all in the name of self-expression.

Some may have it draped a certain way to flaunt their favourite earrings. Others may choose to show off the beauty of the scarf’s fabric with elegant drapes. Whatever the case, Muslim women who choose to cover up have plenty of options. Below, we take a look at some of the ways that you can stylishly incorporate the staple piece with your looks.

Stay cool

These summer-ready hijab styles will see you through the warm month of March with comfort. You can beat the heat by pairing a lightweight scarf with a matching cap to achieve a cool, monochromatic look that’s perfect for the everyday.

Wrap it up

Draped hijab styles tend to need a lot of attention; you’ll likely find yourself making constant adjustments and reaching for more pins. You can always skip the fuss and opt instead for these turban styles, which cover your hair and your head in elegant wraps. These styles are also best for showing off your favourite necklaces or high-neck blouses.

Ditch the pins

Here’s another fuss-free tutorial that serves up hijabi styles — without pins! The secret lies in how neatly your scarf is tucked and folded as you arrange it around your head. Thankfully, this clip teaches you three different ways to achieve that seemingly effortless look.

Flaunt your earrings

If you’re a fan of statement earrings, you’ll want to consider trying out this tutorial, which offers three different ways to style your hijab with your favourite dangling pairs. For example, you could secure the scarf neatly around your neck and let it drape elegantly on one side, which lets you show off the earring on the other side. Or you could emphasise the symmetry of your earrings by having the two sides of the scarf hang over both shoulders. There’s a look that is sure to stun at your next date.

Hit the gym

You don’t necessarily need a sports hijab for your workout sessions. This tutorial details five ways that you can incorporate a hijab in your gym wardrobe, without it getting in the way of your exercise routine. Some of the practical methods include tucking a lightweight cap under your turban (that’ll keep everything in place as you run, for example), or pairing a cooling hijab made of jersey with your headphones for an added sonic boost.

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