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Here’s a stylish way to show up to brunch in your pyjamas

It’s all about exuding comfort and style in a look, and here’s how you can execute both with a glamorous pyjamas-inspired outfit to flaunt in.

One of our favourite trends in recent years is the one where you can wear satin and lace to a meal in the day and not have it look inappropriate. Alas, there is an art to wearing pyjamas to brunch. Prized for their ease of wear and comfort to sport, pyjamas as going-out clothes require a bit of skill for styling. You need a smart and elegant fit that won’t make you look like a sleepy slob. You need to be mindful of material. Consider patterns and motifs (Hello Kitty is a no-go), and accessorise smart. The pyjamas-to-brunch look — all the while very effortlessly cool — is harder than it appears.

If you’re itching to head out in a matching satin co-ord this weekend and do not know where to begin, do not fear. Our ultimate guide is here. From dressy chic and streetwear casual, here are seven ways you can rock pyjamas in the city this season. You got this. Read on.

[Hero and Featured image credit: LAPOINTE via Facebook]

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok

We’re starting our list with possibly our favourite of the lot. Featuring cascading ribbons and interlocking ‘GG’ chains, these Gucci pants paired with a matching kimono are the perfect example of how you can wear loungewear to lunch. The accentuated waist and the elegant motif oozes sophistication, all while still being very comfortable to wear.

Why it works: The wide leg and sleeve as well as the tied waist give off a luxurious air
What to pair with: Heels, as pictured
What to order: Eggs Royale

Approx. RM6,015

Part of Zimmermann’s Resort 2021 collection, we love this fun take on tie-dye. Featuring a poppy motif in bright pink to contrast with the dark green, it’s a leisurely look that could work both for day (with sandals) and night (with heels). Whilst the shirt totally works on its own with white shorts, we prefer the matching shorts to really complete the ensemble.

Why it works: The bold colours and glamorous material
What to pair with: Gold jewellery
What to order: Kale smoothie and vegan pancakes

Approx. RM2,364

Satin is our favourite material for the pyjama look, and it need not look like you just woke up. We love LAPOINTE for all its minimalist silhouettes, and these shorts are no different. Comfortable to wear and very cool to sport, when paired with a more serious top, you’re left with a very sophisticated look. Feminine in material, yet boyish in cut.

Why it works: The shorts hit just above the knee, which make them super going-out appropriate
What to pair with: Definitely high heels
What to order: Champagne and a salmon bagel

Approx. RM1,960

Granted, no one would actually wear this to bed, but you get the gist. Another silky satin number, the crop top really allows the wide-leg pants to shine, and also adds a slimming silhouette to the full look. It’s minimalistic pairing, yet still very contemporary and alluring.

Why it works: Either item works on its own, but together there’s something super leisurely about this
What to pair with: Go all the (monotone) way with accessories in the same chestnut hue
What to order: Chocolate milkshake (and fried chicken)

Approx. RM990

Not quite Yayoi Kusama but still very artful: Valentino brings the polka dots in this ensemble (matching top here), made in Italy from silk-georgette. Featuring a high waist on the pants and fluid straight legs, the formal cut is juxtaposed by its playful motif. Weekend gallery hopping? This would make for a great outfit.

Why it works: The varying sizes of polka dots make this a very artistic look
What to pair with: A red lip
What to order: Truffle scrambled eggs

Approx. RM9,641

For a sweet pop of colour, opt for this number from Asv. The mini floral pattern adds a classy and classic edge, which can easily be styled up with heels for an evening look. Pair with gold accessories and natural makeup, roll up the sleeves, and just have fun with it.

Why it works: The navy contrasting collar, hems, and tuxedo stripe
What to pair with: Penny loafers, as pictured
What to order: A smoothie bowl

Lace and satin are materials most commonly found in the bedroom, but when you take them out of that scenario, they shine all the more. We love Vatanika’s dark blue and lace satin pyjama, which interestingly is suited best for an evening soiree. Rooftop drinks, romantic dinner, or just a snazzy night-in at home: here’s your go-to.

Why it works: The sheer lace is very sexy
What to pair with: Your favourite heels
What to order: French toast with extra syrup

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