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On our wishlist: the latest signature bags from Bottega Veneta’s Wardrobe 02 Collection

Can we consider this the next staple bag to own? Yes, please!

Named Wardrobe 02, Bottega Veneta’s Pre-Fall 2021 collection comes with two iconic bags for the ladies who lunch and the ladies who work.

Introducing its key highlights from the Pre-Fall 2021 Wardrobe 02 collection, the house’s Mount Bermuda and Mount Envelope bags come with chunky chains and luxurious leather that will take its owner from brunches to workplaces. For those looking to invest in a statement piece, the Mount Bermuda is an option to be considered with its unique tote shape combined with wooden handles.

Meanwhile, those who prefer something versatile that can transform into a clutch would find that the Mount Envelope ticks the boxes thanks to its removable straps and chic, envelope-like flap. The Mount Bermuda is available in Raffaello leather, while the Mount Envelope is available in three different materials to cater to every function and whims:

  • Raffaello: A soft and smooth calf leather that contrasts against the shiny chain enclosing the bag’s front panel
  • Saint Germain: A grained leather that provides an organic hand feel with a texture that contrasts nicely with the chain’s warm finishing
  • Light Suede Cachemire: A chic suede that exudes luxury  

The Mount Bermuda

Juxtaposing chunky chains with a sleek detailing from the wooden handle atop the bag, the Mount Bermuda is a statement bag unlike any other. This sculptural bag comes with a fluid silhouette created by the curved line of the Mogano wood top handle that fits into the soft leather panels of the bag. The invisible magnets in the leather enable a subtle closure that gives a neat and clean finish. 

And just like any bag from the Mount series, the Mount Bermuda comes with a chunky chain on the front panel. The Mount Bermuda is crafted with smooth, buttery Raffaello leather bonded with Nappa leather for an unlined look. The bag comes in two sizes and colours: yellow cob-natural gold and brown fondant-gold.

The Mount Envelope

As indicated by its moniker, the Mount Envelope’s key point lies in the V-shaped flap, giving the bag its envelope-like design. The bag comes with a removable strap and triangular bridges with the external bonded with Nappa leather to create a sleek, unlined appearance.

The Mount Envelope is available in two sizes in black, emerald green-gold, yellow cob-gold, white gold and black gold, with a jungle-gold combination also available for the small size.

For more information, visit Bottega Veneta.

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