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These junior designer brands will make your child the next Instagram star

It’s difficult to find a dressed-up child that’s not cute. Even if you dislike children, there’s just something about a tiny human styled up in designer wear that people can’t tear their eyes away from. One way of upping the ante with stylish kids is dressing them in junior designer wear.

Think about it: you too, shop for designer wear. Now imagine, a tinier version of you dressed in the exact same piece but smaller — like a Burberry trench coat. It’s the ultimate recipe for cuteness and instant Instagram child star.

junior designer brands
Alia Wang several years back, looking every bit like a tinier Alexander Wang model.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at Alia Wang, niece to designer Alexander Wang back in the day. Everyone gushed over her mini Wang pieces and wanted the same for their children. Fast forward to present time, Coco from Tokyo is taking over the Instagram fashion community with her bold and eccentric style, while Prince is the child street style star that everyone wishes they were at that age.

junior designer brands
Meet Coco, the latest It style star from Tokyo. She’s only seven years old. (Credit: @coco_pinkprincess)

Taking a look at these tiny fashionistas should be able to convince you that you absolutely need to get some style pieces from junior designer brands for your kid. Don’t have your own? Steal your nieces or nephews and be the doting aunt or uncle every child needs. Continue scrolling for our recommendation of several junior designer brands to get started with.

(Feature image: Kenzo)

(Header image: Gucci)

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Balenciaga Kids

Balenciaga has been making headlines for several seasons with their questionable “designer bags” inspired by the masses. While we don’t encourage getting a mini Ikea bag for your child, other things like this pair of sock sneakers are also available in a kids version

RM1,200 (approx. conversion), Farfetch

2 /8

Balmain Kids

D0 you treasure your precious Balmain blazer? It’s a power piece in any outfit, making your look sharper than Anna Wintour’s tongue. Now imagine that structured Balmain jacket, but smaller. That’s what your kid will be donning when you purchase this from Balmain Kids.

RM4,300 (approx. conversion), Farfetch

3 /8

Burberry Kids

Everybody needs a basic trench coat in their wardrobe. It’s a classic piece that can be worn for decades to come. Hence, it only makes sense that your child should have their own classic Burberry trench coat which they could one day pass on to their children. Your autumn holiday outfit pictures are going to look amazing.

RM4,050, Burberry

4 /8

Baby Dior

Nothing is as precious as dressing your newborn in Baby Dior outfits. The brand itself oozes elegance and femininity, and that translates perfectly into its precious Baby Dior pieces. We say, ditch the soft-coloured onesies and go for a striking, deep red colour like this onesie dress.

RM1,700 (approx. conversion), Farfetch

5 /8


How could one forget Gucci when it comes to junior wear? Even Coco has her own Gucci tee. Up the ante with the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection that includes this delightfully cute cat-printed dress.

RM2,000 (approx. conversion), Gucci

6 /8

Kenzo Kids

Elevate your child’s look from the streets to the pool with swimwear from Kenzo Kids. In true Kenzo style, even their kidswear possesses the brand’s signature bold prints and colour. We’re particularly charmed with this one-piece swimsuit for little girls.

RM300 (approx. conversion), Farfetch

7 /8

Marni Kids

A boy needs the right outfit when brought yachting on the waters of Maine. This sailing shirt from Marni perfectly encapsulates that setting. It also looks extremely cute for a little man to be dressed in a button-up shirt.

RM400 (approx. conversion), Farfetch

8 /8

Stella McCartney Kids

Casual is mostly the way to go, but kids can still do it in style with this printed sweater from Stella McCartney Kids. Imagine this paired with skinny jeans and designer sneakers for kids — it’s the perfect street style look.

RM300 (approx. conversion), Farfetch

These junior designer brands will make your child the next Instagram star

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