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Here’s how 10 artist collectives transformed the timeless Lady Dior into a masterpiece

What happens when 10 talented artists blend a piece of their world onto a coveted bag like the Lady Dior? A work of art, of course.

Back again with the fifth edition of the Lady Dior Art, 10 artists across the globe have worked closely with the Parisian house to bring their perspective and metamorphosis on the classic silhouette. This will be available for display in the Dior store in Pavilion KL from the 8th of January 2021 onwards. Just imagine your favourite leather round-handle bag in textured frills, psychedelic hues, sculptural shapes, daring sequins and so much more. 

Similar to how the Lady Dior bag is considered to be the epitome of a modern woman who is constantly reinventing herself, this edition of the Lady Dior Art wouldn’t have been possible without the artists’ visions. Hailing from China to Madagascar, India to South Africa and Russia to the United States, artists like Joël Andrianomearisoa, Judy Chicago, Gisela Colon, Song Dong, Bharti Kher, Mai-thu Perret, Recycle Group, Chris Soal, Claire Tabouret and Olga Titus injected their essence by designing and picking embellishments, colours, and prints to share with avid fans of the Lady Dior. 

With Los Angeles-based artist like Gisela Colon, you’ll see her iconic trademarks of “organic minimalism” translated onto the bag in iridescent hues with a sci-fi touch. Chinese contemporary artist Song Dong has transformed the overall silhouette into a sculptural line galore in reflective shades while Swiss-Malaysian artist Olga Titus – widely known for her fascination of transculturalism, the existence of a culture of people in-between culture – has beautifully expressed that in a sequinned art piece with facial features as embellishments. 

Head over to the Dior boutique in Pavilion KL to see them in the flesh.

(All images: Dior)