This capsule collection is a whimsical one, daring to whisk us far away to another place.

Forget dreaming about a white Christmas, it a festive season under the sun and blue skies with Loewe’s latest collaboration. It’s become a widely known fact in the world of fashion that with each launch of Loewe’s holiday capsule, comes a brand new collaboration with a well-established artist. Serving as the creative extension of Jonathan Anderson’s obsession with arts and crafts, the latest release from the Spanish brand celebrates the works of American artist Ken Price, a ceramist best known for his small-scale, abstract creations. 

Among Price’s oeuvre of traditional ceramics and earthenware imbued with ancient Mexican influences, it was functional everyday pieces of pottery and plates in his ‘Town Units’ series that inspired the latest collection. In particular, the vibrant and cartoonish cityscapes, hand-painted on each of its surfaces. The escapist allure of the sunny landscapes and seaside scenes became the illustrative prints scattered throughout Loewe’s latest capsule collection, transporting us to blue-skied paradise. “I was taken by the insouciance and the energy the objects in these units emanate,” Anderson revealed. 

Twenty unique hand-painted plates made originally for the La Palme restaurant at Newport Beach were chosen as inspiration, each depicting the calming locale from ‘Easter Island,’ ‘LA,’ ‘La Palme,’ and ‘Happy’s Curios.’ All in all, the pieces evoke a nostalgic Californian cool aesthetic of the 80s, where the paint-box shades and bold, sketchy strokes impart a casual laid-back ease that beautifully complements the brand’s contemporary structures.

“The collection speaks on many levels. Craft, which is central to the Loewe ethos, is reassessed in its modern liveliness. An uplifting, and very timely, sense of joy comes to the fore in sunny, Pacific bright hues,” said Anderson.

As for the pieces themselves, the glorious shades of blue, green and yellow on palm trees and cobalt blue skies are also translated onto T-shirts as printed motifs and knits with intricate intarsia patterns. Elsewhere on the brand’s iconic leather accessories — namely the Puzzle, Bamboo Bucket, and Hammock, the scenes are captured in leather marquetry — the exacting kind of savoir-faire and technique that the house is known best for.

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Lorria Sahmet
Style Editor
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