First, it was New York. It was followed by London, and then Milan, which ended a couple of days ago. All eyes are now on the final league of Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week with Dior kicking off the show in Paris. It has been a roller coaster of events up until now, including Riccardo Tisci’s first Burberry collection in London and the news of Versace being bought over by Michael Kors making the headlines last night — but in the middle of all that, let’s rewind and revisit the streets of the Italian fashion capital, shall we?

Fendi and sportswear giant Fila came together for a huge logomania party. Attendees were all decked out in the brands’ respective logos in various shapes and forms, including Fendi’s iconic double F logo. Moving forward, Prada’s neon garments are definitely something you can’t overlook. Feels like there’s something amiss? Then it’s probably the lack of Gucci‘s presence on the streets of Milan. The fashion giant will be showcasing their Spring 2019 collection in Paris instead.

No matter where the shows are held, fashion enthusiasts are taking the streets by storm. This year’s street looks at Milan Fashion Week have fulfilled everything we expect to see from some of the biggest fashion brands in the world. Scroll through the gallery for some of our favourites.