The latest LV Pont 9 shoulder bag is a new addition to Louis Vuitton’s 150-year history of innovative leather goods.

The LV Pont 9 shoulder bag is Louis Vuitton’s latest embodiment of effortless Parisian chic and a new symbol of its ongoing commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. This new design draws its name from the Paris’ iconic Pont Neuf, the oldest and most celebrated bridge across river Seine that sits opposite Louis Vuitton’s headquarters in the French capital. This is the first release of the new LV Pont 9 leather line by the luxury fashion brand.

lv new leather bag black
The new LV Pont 9 shoulder bag fronts the iconic 1930s Louis Vuitton Circle.

A new shape for both everyday and special occasions, the latest LV Pont 9 fashions a refined, rounded design in smooth, lightly padded calfskin. The exclusive Louis Vuitton Circle, a 1930s archive logo reinterpreted by Nicolas Ghesquière, the House’s Artistic Director of Women’s Collections, adorns the bag on both flaps as a closure and strap.

The interiors is finished in sleek and colourful leather, with a utilitarian design featuring two compartments and two practical pockets. A careful attention to detail is unveiled in both the bag’s gusseted construction that adds both structure and extra space. Take a closer look and you’ll find subtle features like the novel Monogram flower-inspired magnetic closure — the little surprises that delight faithful followers of Louis Vuitton.

LV Pont 9 leather bag Paris
LV Pont 9 shoulder bags come in five colour variations.

The LV Pont 9 bag is made available in a diverse range of striking colours that celebrates life. Vibrant tones like the deep sunset-like Summer Gold, feminine and versatile Rose Dahlia, as well as the soft and dreamy Bleu Orage, give each bag a narrative of its own — alongside classic elegant shades of Noir (black) and (Creme) creamy white.

This enchanting addition to Louis Vuitton’s 150-year tradition of innovative leather goods marks a new chapter for the Maison. The contemporary yet instantly classic LV Pont 9 shoulder bag is crafted in true essence of Parisian savoir-faire — a versatile fashion statement that will resonate with current times, now and the next 100 years to come.

LV Pont 9 shoulder bag will be available in Louis Vuitton stores in Louis Vuitton stores around the world beginning May 29th, 2020.

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