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Lounge around in style with these 7 men’s luxury pyjamas

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the 1960s, where people were constantly dressed up and barely seen in ratty T-shirts and ripped jeans. So immaculate were their styles, that it was even extended to sleepwear. You’ll know what we mean, when we point you in the direction of Mad Men’s Don Draper, who only goes to sleep wearing matching flannel pyjamas.

Though the idea of wearing proper pyjamas to sleep has somewhat dwindled in recent times and replaced with a more comfortable option of cotton tees and loose boxers, we are seeing the trend rekindling especially with fashion brands introducing pyjamas-inspired clothes to be worn in day time.

That said, there’s plenty of reasons to wear proper pyjamas to sleep, or even whilst lounging about in the house. Firstly, if you’re sartorially well off, it would only make sense that you continue that aesthetic all the way into the bedroom.

Also, the ladies who often lounge around in their silk nighties are definitely on to something: silk looks and feels extremely luxe against your skin, and men can also experience that same indulgence when you invest in a pair of silk pyjamas. Or if you’re afraid the warmth might get to you, 100% cotton pyjamas are also the way to go.

Read on for the seven luxury pyjamas that every man should own.

Versace silk pyjama shirt

Treading the thin line of daywear and loungewear is this Versace silk pyjama shirt in the fashion house’s iconic Barocco print. It’s a great option if you want loungewear that’s not in your typical design and also satisfies your inner high fashionista.


Derek Rose men's classic fit piped pyjamas

Since 1926, Derek Rose has been a purveyor of the world’s finest luxury sleepwear, with roots from Savile Row. This particular classically-designed piped pyjamas comes in the standard gentlemanly navy colour with the Lombard 8 fabric. The Lombard 8 fabric is made from a mid-weight 100% cotton and features a geometric repeat pattern of a blooming flower subtly woven into the fabric. The fabric makes it soft to the touch and easy to wear even when temperatures go up.

RM912.37, Derek & Rose

Turnbull & Asser white and navy piped cotton pyjama set

Lying on your Egyptian cotton bedding with its thousand thread count, it only makes perfect sense if you are also dressed in your Turnbull & Asser pyjama set made of Egyptian cotton too. This white and navy piped cotton set is classic at its finest, down to the sophisticated white and regal navy colours. All you need now is a butler for turndown service. Established in 1885, you can rest easy quite literally with this English brand.

RM1,651.94, Turnbull & Asser

Paul Smith men's signature stripe cotton pyjama set

If classic isn’t your style, then amp up the contemporary factor with this Paul Smith pyjama set. Decked in the brand’s signature stripes, this pyjama set is anything but boring. Made of 100% cotton, it’ll also guarantee maximum breathability for those humid days spent at home.

Club 21 Malaysia

Otis Batterbee cobalt cravat pyjama set

This Otis Batterbee pyjama set is great for the men who don’t want something too simple, yet don’t want to have loud prints splashed on sleepwear. The honeycomb and polka dotted print mash up makes for an interesting print that’s not quite subtle, but has plus points for that slight late-60s-psychedelic factor. Also made of 100% cotton, this pyjama set will make lounging about as comfortable as can be.

RM1,096.99, Farfetch

La Perla statement pyjama set

If your female partner already has some lingerie from La Perla, join the hype and get yourself a pyjama set from the brand as well, as they have a pretty solid line of men’s sleepwear. This statement pyjama set is a classy touch to regular pyjamas with its sharp collars and thicker piping. Also, navy blue is always a good idea to look sophisticated but not overly formal.

RM2,092.34, Farfetch

Kenzo printed pyjama set

Channelling the Japanese yukata, this Kenzo pyjama set is different in aesthetics compared to the traditional pyjama top. Like the Versace pyjama top, this particular wrap-front pyjama toes the line of daytime and sleeping wear, and we promise we won’t judge you for whichever you pick. Just think about how cool you’d look answering the front door to the pizza delivery guy in your Kenzo pyjama top.

RM1,774.67, Farfetch

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