The four major men’s fashion weeks offer a clear direction on how fashion is moving throughout the entire year. Milan is usually the amphitheatre for sartorially inclined looks while Paris fires up with high-fashion streetwear. But with every show outrivalling each other one after another, it is almost impossible to pinpoint what to expect on the runway.

Spring/Summer 2019 proves to be an interesting season for menswear with the exciting debuts of Kim Jones for Dior Homme and Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton. Fashion houses are also elevating their game with the likes of Hermes, Fendi, and Prada injecting an element of surprise to classics – reinterpreting archival pieces with a new code of aesthetics.

As more runway pieces are being rolled out in stores and boutiques worldwide, here’s a lowdown on everything Spring/Summer 2019 has to offer for menswear.

This oversized striped jacket gives a tailored yet modern vibe.
Athleisure meets sartorial is the anchor to ZZegna's SS19 looks.


ZZegna is bringing on their ‘A’ game with a series of sporty yet sartorial looks combining bold colours and sharp lines. The collection suggests a playful take on the otherwise rigid suits — giving the idea of ‘athleisure’ a whole new dimension (and comfort).

Keep the geometry of your presentation crisp and clear.
Statement shorts -- why not?

Layering Bold Accents
Prada goes all out with its SS19 menswear collection — this time featuring layers (and layers) of bold accents that are paired beautifully with dark muted tones. The alternating play of prints also adds interests to the idea of menswear — beckoning the need to express your personality through your outfits.

Look sharp with a statement ombre print like Dries'.
Dries van Noten balances the whimsy in this look with a relaxed tailoring.

The Art of Whimsy
It comes to no surprise that Dries van Noten is just doing what he does best. He makes the pieces look and feel easy and comfortable with a relaxed tailoring approach and large prints that run from front to back. You’re sure to turn some heads when sporting these colourful look (in a good way). The Belgian fashion designer reiterates: “I wanted to push the whole idea of colour for men. You can go quite far with colours, as long as you keep the shapes recognisable.”

Think mixing and matching this white ensemble with a navy bomber.
This taupe trench coat can be easily paired with a summer print shirt.

Monotonous Versatility

The narrative of Virgil Abloh’s personal identity as a designer of his own brand, Off-White was exercised in his debut SS19 collection for Louis Vuitton — the collection started with an all-white affair and just like how light passes through the prism, the runway show developed with an array of multi-coloured monotone pieces. Each ensemble is a statement but we love the muted ones in off-whites and hues of cafe au lait — timeless looks that you can carry all year long.

Gentlemen, it's time to sport this fuchsia trousers.
We see five different style variations from this ensemble.

Functional Maximalism

Gucci presents yet another 70s-inspired collection with over-the-top presentations and Grace Jones-approved maximalist styles. But think of these pieces as separates – statement pieces that you can pair with your daily outfits.

We dare you to sport a floral print this year -- shirt or suit, your choice.
Pair this dark taupe suit with a crisp white shirt or a bold print.

Soft Tailoring

Kim Jones’ debut collection for Dior Homme is truly a marriage of rigour and fantasy. The soft lines in each sartorial look give the wearer a subtle elegance. Perhaps this year, it is time to ditch those dark gaudy black and grey suits — instead consider pastel silhouettes of baby blue, pink and sheer.

Think jacket for a night look and the yellow-camel ensemble for a casual day look.
We are putting this colour combination in our style file: moss green and dusty pink.

Colour Blocks

We love the colour palette that Hermes is bringing to the drawing board this season. Bright yellow, moss green, camel, mauve, dusty blue and its signature orange are juxtaposed beautifully to create the perfect ensemble for urban men. The collection suggests the beauty of colour blocking when putting together your outfit of the day.

Whatever bag you're carrying, make sure its utilitarian and stylish at the same time.
Fendi certainly knows how to steal the show.

Bags, Bags, Bags

Men don’t just carry messengers or backpacks anymore. The list has expanded to fanny packs, totes, clutches, neck wallets and belt bags. Fendi is bringing exactly that to its Logomania frenzy collection with an avalanche of accessories in all shapes and sizes – a statement piece to carry on different occasions.

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