Fashion has become more than just articles of clothing on runways and on shelves. Designers use them as a medium to speak up. Like how slogan tees were made to express opinions and big fashion houses like Gucci, Armani, Calvin Klein, and recently Versace’s decision on going fur-free sent a message across the whole fashion industry to stop killing animals for their fur.

These sustainable menswear brands are part of a fashion movement too — by implementing ‘slow fashion’. While it’s entertaining to see fashion come and go every season, sustainable brands make clothing pieces that you can wear for years and years — not just for that one season. And they do so by also using sustainably sourced materials.

But that’s not the only thing that counts. How were the clothes made, who made them and how were the raw materials grown? These factors matter and huge supply chains leave little to the imagination on the manufacturing processes before they hit the stores.

Make the difference and purchase from these sustainable menswear brands. Gone were the days where sustainable means unwearable style. Just scroll down below to see how these brands are still current in the fashion industry but also saving the environment.