MCM wants you to travel vicariously through its Autumn/Winter 2020 collection.

Welcome to the adventurer’s state of mind. MCM tends to always take a playful, lighthearted route for its seasonal campaigns, and this time it’s no less whimsical. The Gen-Z German new school luxury brand knows how to connect the dots between fashion and technology, this time by tying them to the concept of travelling — and it’s quite a visual treat for us.

Travel is surely the keyword for this new collection and propelling the brand forward, the new MCM AW20 collection entitled ‘Hypertechnoreality’ challenges the kind of adventurer you are or could be in this fashion world. 

The campaign deals with a plethora of creative ideas of a different reality where one can travel through screens into a new world. Think of it as a journey between the digital and analogue world, with some warm pastel hues and cool blues filling in a surreal backdrop.

The Concept and Design

Giving your wardrobe a new look with some clean-cut tailoring and embracing the style of deconstructed sportswear this season, MCM focuses on the useability of the design with multi-functional measures so you can match it all up between dusk and dawn.

There’s no denying that the new reality of 2020 has been virtual travelling between realms of online and offline, and between spaces. The new reality suggests that we are not confined to digital avatars anymore because we are creative constructors of this new world — our world. Drawing on to this concept, MCM straddles between the real and imagined world by bringing versatility to their eco-friendly designs, nylon ready-to-wear pieces for men, women, and unisex. It also features signature leather accessories, bags, with a fresh selection of knitwear, t-shirts, and denim essentials. As Dirk Schönberger, Global Creative Officer at MCM suggests “Travel is our heritage, and movement is in our DNA.” 

The Campaign

In this video campaign, the concept of Hypertechnoreality follows in the footsteps of a clan of four individuals who are interchanging between realms of online and offline. It also emphasises on how the design and functionality of the ready-to-wear collection blends in seamlessly with each character’s lifestyle. Below is the demo featuring Aaron Altaras (actor), Pricela-Pricina Januario (rising star writer and businesswomen), Céline Thümler, and Yannick Zhou. The campaign has been shot by fashion photographer Timothy Schaumburg. 

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