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In our recent fashion shoot with Louis Vuitton, best friends Michiyo and Shusen share the set together while getting stylishly cosy with the iconic LV Twist bags.

Although besties Michiyo Ho and Shusen Wong haven’t known each for too long, it sure seems like they have been intertwined since the very beginning. A friendship forged over the pandemic, the dynamic duo expresses a chemistry that is inseparable despite having distinct personalities.

Like the cult-favourite LV Twist bags that exude versatility and duality, Michiyo and Shusen complement each other in every way possible. In an exclusive fashion shoot for Lifestyle Asia KL, the girls not only nail every pose but also have constant exchanges of energy (and banter) across the room — be it posing together or as individuals.

“Engage your core! Straighten the legs! Relax!” Michiyo throws her forms of encouragement as Shusen adjusts her stance for the shoot.

And just like that, we’ve got the shot!

In the veins of finding the perfect complement, one can easily find a friend within the iconic range of bags from the house of Louis Vuitton. With classic styles and designs that have transcended time while constantly setting fashion standards high, the every day bag in question is definitely the LV Twist — the perfect arm candy that can be styled and carried multiple ways.

Inspired by the Trapèze Clutch and donned in grained Epi leather (created by George Vuitton), the slim LV Twist bags come equipped with two Vs forming the clasp that transform into “LV” once it is locked. First introduced at the 2015 Cruise show, the LV Twist has been one of Nicholas Ghesquire’s many ways to reimagine ‘new classics’.

Since then, the LV Twist has taken flight and quickly became a favourite of many. Looking at the bags, it’s easy to see why. In addition to the short chain hand strap, the versatile and stylish bag is now given a relaunch and a redesign. For 2022, new features include a gold chain with enamel charms and the LV Twist clasp in a metallic version. We especially love the combination of metallic clasp with bold turquoise — chef’s kiss!

Available in PM and MM sizes, the elegant LV Twist bags come in an array of delightful colours, including Vert Acide, Cream, Turquoise, Rose, and Sunflower. Additionally, the collection is also available in other animations and colours as well as LV Twist Mini (the smallest size in the collection).

For content creator and YouTuber Shusen, the right everyday bag is of utmost importance. “However I style my outfits, I’m not afraid of going out of the box or add a touch of whimsy to my look. With a bag so versatile, the LV Twist allows limitless possibilities in my everyday pursuit to elevate my styles creatively,” she shares.

Fellow fashion influencer Michiyo echoes Shusen’s sentiment: “Louis Vuitton has created an interesting array of the LV Twist in different sizes, be it big or small. Personally, I love the smaller bags because, despite its size, it is still very utilitarian.”

Find out more about the LV Twist bags HERE.

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Michiyo Ho and Shusen Wong get stylishly cosy with the LV Twist bags
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Louis Vuitton Fashion Shoot LV Twist Michiyo Ho Shusen Wong
Michiyo Ho and Shusen Wong get stylishly cosy with the LV Twist bags

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