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Montblanc goes the extra mile with its accessories alongside Bape

Montblanc is known to have its hands in multiple luxury baskets. From fragrances to watches and writing instruments and fragrances, it does a little bit of everything. The German luxury goods maker is what many would call a ‘jack of all trades’, given its ability to create many different types of luxury items. As for its leather goods, Montblanc has now gone the extra mile with its collaboration with none other than iconic Japanese streetwear label, Bape.

Montblanc’s leather accessories receives the unforgettable Bape signature design motif.

Streetwear has long been the trendsetting fashion statement over the past few years, so much so that many luxury fashion labels are jumping onto the bandwagon. Montblanc is the latest in a growing list of luxury brands that are slowly making its way into the streetwear industry, and it’s doing so the right way.

Collaborations are a huge deal in the world of streetwear as it can either make or break your brand. Thankfully, Bape is no stranger when it comes to collaborating with big brands as it has done so in the past. Adidas in particular is a frequent collaborator while Bell & Ross was one of its latest.

Montblanc has collaborated with Bape before this with its the “Meisterstück” pen in camo prints and a gold-plated finishing.

This time, the collaboration between Montblanc and Bape focuses on a limited edition, four piece capsule collection. This includes a pen pounch, a doc case, a portfolio, as well as a wallet. All of it will be dressed in Bape’s signature camo print while the inside imprint in black Saffiano leather. Montblanc also ensures that its “snowy peaks” logo is visible throughout the entire collection while its branding in white lettering can be seen throughout the design.

The entire capsule collection has yet to be released but it already does come with the price tags. The doc case retails for US$995 (RM4,100 approx. conversion) while the portfolio goes for US$680 (RM2,800 approx. conversion), the wallet is US$350 (RM1,440 approx. conversion), and the pen pouch will be selling at US$235 (RM971 approx. conversion). There will also be a limited release for the entire four-piece collection as it will only be available in selected Montblanc and Bape boutiques in the USA.

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