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Mr Porter dives into its first swimwear collection with Mr P

Online menswear store Mr Porter has launched its first-ever collection of swimwear for the 2020 spring-summer season under its own-brand label Mr P.

Swimming trunks, ready-to-wear and summer shoes are now available well ahead of the end of lockdown, much to the delight of the multi-brand platform’s fashion-conscious customers, who are looking forward to taking advantage of the warm summer months in style.

What with the lockdown in force in many cities around the world, few of us will have the opportunity to take advantage of the first rays of sunshine this spring, but we can still dream of summer vacations to come and prepare our wardrobes to hit the beach in style. This is in principle the proposition presented by Mr P. which has just unveiled a first swimwear collection for men.

The new line includes no fewer than ten pairs of trunks combining functionality, design, and comfort, and most importantly inspiration from Japanese crafts. This is in particular present in the choice of motifs that borrow heavily from kimonos and traditional Japanese fabrics. All in all, there is enough in the way of classic colours with statement stitching and different motifs to satisfy a wide variety of tastes.

As for ready-to-wear, the range includes several dozen pieces, including camp collar shirts, a yellow kimono-print shirt, and a striped linen T-shirt. Footwear has not been forgotten either, with the provision of a selection that includes sandals and leather sliders.

The collection goes on sale today from Mrporter.com.

(All images: Mr Porter)

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.