Both Nigo and Virgil Abloh will be at the forefront of the collection, which showcases Louis Vuitton in a whole new light.

The world of streetwear and luxury fashion is colliding once more and Louis Vuitton is at the centre of it. With the announcement back in December 2019, as well as a sneak peek look in March 2020, the brand is finally gearing up for the inaugural release of its first collaboration since Virgil Abloh took over. This one-off collection features the work of both Abloh and his long-time friend and mentor, Nigo. For the uninitiated, Nigo is the brainchild behind A Bathing Ape (Bape) and Human Made.

Of course, this is no ordinary capsule collection from Louis Vuitton. This will be Abloh’s first-ever collaboration at the fashion house in a two-part drop series. Drop 1 of the standalone collection showcases both Abloh’s and Nigo’s craftsmanship while still honouring the brand’s iconic codes. These ready-to-wear pieces feature plenty of denim alongside jackets, trousers, shirts, and bobs. What’s great is that the entire collection showcases both the Monogram and Damier patterns. Denim is the main ingredient of Drop 1 with plenty of patchwork elements.

The special range LV² logo also makes an appearance in the collection, which draws from Abloh’s and Nigo’s association towards streetwear. We all know that Louis Vuitton is famously known for is for its Keepall, trunks, and other accessories. While these accessories still maintain the same structure, it now has a completely reimagined design. It features a blend of both the Monogram pattern and Damier check. Part of the collection also carries the “LV MADE” Duck, which is Nigo’s way of showcasing his reimagined Human Made motif with a luxury touch.

Shoes also play a big part in the collection with a classic Derby carrying silver-tone tips as well as leather loafers in two shades: Monogram or sleek black. Rounding out the collection is also an array of accessories like sunglasses, a key holder, a Daimer leather belt, bracelets, chains, and of course, the Tambour Horizon watch.

The entire collection will be available at LV locations worldwide on 26th June 2020.

All images courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

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