Gucci is no stranger to outstanding and mindblowing fashion pieces so it became a natural reaction to expect the same from its SS20 show at Milan Fashion Week. ‘What could it be this time’, we’ve wondered — more dragons, now perhaps fire-breathing ones? Or just outrageous accessories that we didn’t know we needed. Such as the double G knee pads or the gold ear cuff from the past seasons. As for SS20, it’s none of the above and much to our surprise — it’s pieces that are fashionable yet still very much wearable to us the common folks.

On Sunday, Alessandro Michele had the models walked down travellators in a clinically-white setting — a complete opposite of Cruise 2019‘s fire burning and smoke display. The show started with the first wave of models wearing all-white uniforms. The brand later explained on Instagram about how these “represent how through fashion, power is exercised over life to eliminate self-expression”.

This could signify the arrival of a new Gucci aesthetic — clean cuts, sultrier silhouettes that could simply be a nod to Tom Ford’s Gucci era. It was a huge contrast if compared to Michele’s previous designs. 1970s staples were seen: platform shoes, wide-lapel suits, sequined evening gowns and more. “Gucci Orgasmique” also seemed to be the catchphrase for this season’s show, which we thought was ironic as Gucci was once known as a sex brand.

What were the standout pieces? The pillow backpack was one, for sure. As for the others, look through the gallery.

Images: Getty Images

Jolin Lee
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