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All the pieces we can’t wait to get from Rihanna’s new Fenty drop

Hot on the heels of her Fenty Skin drop, Rihanna has just released a Fenty clothing line exclusively on Farfetch.

Rihanna has been steadily expanding her Fenty empire where it’s stronger than ever, and it seems no global pandemic can slow her down. The brand has just formed an exclusive digital partnership with luxury fashion e-commerce platform, Farfetch, in a strategy to reach fans far across the globe. The team-up marks Farfetch as the only online retailer to stock the label outside Fenty.com, and its entrusted with the task to bring the brand to customers in new markets such as the Middle East and Brazil.

The announcement coincided with the brand’s first major roll-out on Farfetch: Drop 3 of Fenty’s summer collection, ‘Release 6-20’. The range comprises ready-to-wear pieces and multi-functional jewellery, all featuring distinct 90s undertones and a psychedelia theme that celebrates the power of the youth — a community that is full of creativity, hope, spirit and a force to be reckoned with.

Scroll down see the star pieces we can’t wait to cop from Rihanna’s latest Fenty drop.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong.


Stay trendy with this jersey t-shirt featuring a ‘Beyond limits’ print, extra long sleeves and knotted, cut-out detailing at the back. It’s comfortable yet stylish — all qualities that add up to a seemingly effortless outfit.

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A unique print is big on impact, so spice up your wardrobe with this one, or even get out of your comfort zone by opting for a total look with its matching shirt. Representing youthful optimism and enthusiasm via psychedelic prints, this wrap skirt with knot and slit detailing will give you that chic, off-duty look.

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Statement necklaces get an instant reboot with this one. With five flower charm pendants and a bead chain coming into play, this piece can be worn around the neck, wrist, or ankle to ensure maximum versatility. Style it with a sleek dress for a hard-edged glamour.  

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Life gets better with technicolour. For all the fashion lovers out there, these psychedelic trousers are a no-brainer when it comes to curating a trendsetting wardrobe. Push the boundaries even more by donning a full look with its matching top.

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Be bold and daring with this hoodie. Made of 100 percent nylon, it doesn’t allow bad weather to be an excuse for being out of style. We especially love its rusty, tie-dye pattern, and gusset collar with brushed silver clasps. Make an entrance with this one alongside its matching hat and pants

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