Streetwear has become synonymous with luxury fashion over the past few years. Back then it was just considered a fashion choice that many would not take seriously. With the help of social media, streetwear has since propelled itself to the very top of the fashion world, so much so that even big names in fashion are placing a much heavier emphasis on streetwear-centric collections. All of this culminated during the most recent Paris Fashion Week Men’s FW2019, which saw plenty to offer for streetwear enthusiasts.

Virgil Abloh’s introduction as Louis Vuitton’s creative director — taking over from Kim Jones who moved to Dior — is just one of the many ground-shaking moments that has happened in recent years. Streetwear these days has also taken a slight deviation from its baggy, oversized graphic tees and sweaters, instead focusing more on sartorial tailoring.

Gone are the days of trend-setting dad sneakers and graphic hoodies to make a statement; instead, Paris Fashion Week saw plenty of promise coming out from both luxury streetwear as well as luxury fashion labels. Many of these labels also stuck with using darker colour palettes on its collections, featuring the likes of grey, tan, and black.