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Splurge: Bulgari unveils RM970,000 Serpenti Forever bag made of diamonds and gold

Hold on to your Birkins, because another serious contender for exorbitantly-priced bags has just emerged. During the Bulgari Spring/Summer 2019 accessories collection show in Milan recently, the jewellery brand unveiled a diamond Serpenti Forever bag that’s apparently worth €200,000.

The Serpenti Forever bag is fashioned out of gold crocodile skin with a top handle silhouette. But it’s not just any gold patent leather — the crocodile skin is actually 24k gold plated. The Serpenti head on the bag is encrusted with over 300 diamonds, bringing the total weight to 4.7 carats. With only one bag in the entire world, we’re thinking the €200,000 bag — approximately RM970,000 — is in fact, quite a bargain.

diamond Serpenti Forever bag
The one-of-a-kind Bulgari Serpenti Forever in gold-plated crocodile skin and diamonds. (Image: @nadia_mendelevich)

The Serpenti snake has always been Bulgari’s creative symbol, stemming from the Greek and Roman mythology of serpents representing characteristics such as healing, protection, strength, eternity, and seduction. It’s no wonder that Bulgari’s Serpenti Forever bag collection has always been the brand’s top-selling bags, with the snakehead being an iconic feature of the arm candy. While the series usually has the Serpenti head made out of onyx and enamel for hardiness, the latest Serpenti Forever Croco bag shows that Bulgari is ready to combine high jewellery with high fashion.


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