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Splurge: This RM2,309 Céline plastic bag is not your average grocery carrier

The fashion industry is constantly on the headlines for the most bizarre stories. We thought we’ve seen it all during the Fall 2018 Fashion Week — severed heads, baby dragons, drones on the runway, and colourful models. This new bag from Céline’s SS18 collection took awhile for us to digest. Because it’s a plastic bag.

Céline models walked down the runway in sharp tailored suits and pants. But the thing that we least expected to see on their arms are plastic bags. They fit right into the category of bizarre bags (where most of Balenciaga’s pieces are seen here too).

The thick clear vinyl plastic bag with CELINE Paris written on the front is priced at USD590 (approximately RM2,309). We find it quite considerate of them in putting the same warning labels you usually see on other plastic items: ‘To avoid danger as suffocation keep away this bag from babies and children,’ in English, Italian, German, and French.

However, for the hefty tag of RM2,309, it is not inclusive of the pouches you see in the bag. That comes for a different price of up to 1,000 USD.

Those considering getting this one-of-a-kind plastic bag should know that it will be a challenge. It isn’t sold online or in any of their boutiques but at their Celine pop-up shop featured in Nordstrom Downtown Seattle store which is open from now until the 29th of May 2018.

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