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Splurge: These RM63.5 million Debbie Wingham heels will leave gold footprints in your wake

Most people would think twice about going out in their fur-lined mules or non-waterproof suede shoes especially with the erratic weather, but how would you feel about stepping out in this pair of Debbie Wingham heels — currently the world’s most expensive pair of shoes at a whopping US$15.1 million?

Debbie Wingham heels
This US$15 million pair of heels looks as pretty as a cake, with an equally pretty price.

UK designer Debbie Wingham is no stranger to extravagance. She previously designed the world’s most expensive dress — a Red Diamond Abaya gown encrusted with over 2,000 diamonds, priced at US$15.45 million. She has also made a US$64 million diamond-encrusted cake under her baking company, Couture to Cakes.

Perhaps then, it isn’t too far off that her latest shoe design somewhat resembles a cake. Designed in collaboration with contemporary artist Chris Campbell, Wingham took over the design whilst Campbell made the production. We see cake inspirations most prominently in the quilting and “cream” piping details, while the rest of the stilettos found its priciness in the form of rare three-carat pink and one-carat blue diamonds, four three-carat diamonds, and 1,000 pointer diamonds set in platinum.

Debbie Wingham heels
Debbie Wingham has frequently dabbled in opulence, creating equally expensive, diamond-encrusted dresses.

Other than precious stones, these Debbie Wingham heels also has solid gold zippers and soles, leather painted in 24-carat gold paint, stitching with 18-carat gold thread, and a gold thread inlay. The stilettos are finished off with a rose gold accent and leather Arabian jasmine flowers. Unfortunately, these shoes are not for sale as they have been specially commissioned by a family in Dubai. But if you feel like dressing up your feet in riches, you know where to look.

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