Forget cinching your waist with belts — it’s so last season. Take a leaf out of Raf Simons’ Fall/Winter 2017 runway and use duct tape instead. But wait, don’t use just any regular roll you can find at your local hardware store. Emulate the Raf Simons man and go for the designer’s duct tape now in stores for USD200 (or approximately RM860 at the time of writing.)

duct tape
Did Raf Simons start a new trend during his Fall/Winter 2017 show? (Image credit: Grazia Daily)

The tape measures two inches in width and comes in two statement variations: “RSVP YOUTH PROJECT” and “WALK WITH ME”. Both designs come in black and white. In a sign of the brand’s enduring popularity, a quick scan on Roden Gray where you can purchase it shows that the item is already sold out.

duct tape
Would you RSVP to this youth project?

According to Time, the tape is not just another fashion accessory. It’s actually made of a durable polyurethane, which means it can do its job as an actual duct tape well, if not better. But at that price, the goods you’re placing into boxes to tape up better be worth it.

duct tape
Designer duct tape at RM860, anyone?

While we’re not completely sold on the idea of USD200 duct tape, we can definitely get behind Raf Simons’ genius styling idea of using random rolls as a belt. Perhaps the “Danger” tape oft seen at construction sites would do just the trick.

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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