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Style Guide: 5 ways to dress like Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari

Against the backdrop of glitz and glamour, power couple Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari also like to keep it simple with their everyday capsule wardrobe.

They’re one of the biggest celebrity couples in the nation, and together have flown high in their respective entertainment careers as well as teamed up together on exciting ventures, more recently ‘Schambal’, the sambal business that took off just last year. But when they’re not on set or out for business, Scha and Awal keep it easy-breezy with their day-to-day looks.

The stars have a minimal yet distinctive dress style that matches their relaxed, carefree personalities, and it’s no wonder that they’ve established themselves as local fashion icons for both men and women across generations. As we embark on the launch of Lifestyle Asia KL’s latest digital cover, we certainly couldn’t pass up the chance to delve into Scha and Awal’s wardrobes to check out must-have pieces for everyday wear, from their go-to work attire to the more laid-back combos for casual days out.

The white tee — basic yet essential

Though they have donned various colours and have been styled many different ways over the years, our cover stars both agree that their go-to everyday wear would include a basic white tee, and it is a piece they’re often spotted in during their downtime, or when they’re out with their kids.

“A white shirt is a must for everyone,” Awal says of the white tee. “It’s just an essential piece that goes with pretty much anything.”

A good pair of jeans goes a long way

Another must-have piece in both Scha and Awal’s respective wardrobes is a decent pair of jeans. It’s usually a piece that can get complicated, especially when there are so many different jeans and about a hundred ways to style them — but Scha and Awal once again affirm their love of minimalism by pairing their jeans with a white tee, or a plain sweater, or bright-coloured button-ups. Awal usually goes for cropped jeans as his go-to, while Scha prefers a more roomy pair.

“No more skinny jeans for me!” Scha jokes. “It’s all loose-fitting and baggy outfits for me now. I prefer mom jeans, and I find that I can style them very easily.”

Accessorise… but make it minimalist

When it comes to accessorising, Scha likes to keep it super simple. Throw on a dress watch and slip on some rings, and she’s ready to go. A minimalist at heart, Scha’s everyday wear doesn’t usually include big, gaudy jewellery pieces.

“I’ll put on a necklace when I go to work or when I know I’m going to meet people,” Scha says. “But even then, it’s usually a simple piece.”

Even when it comes to her shoes, Scha completes her minimalist look with a pair of sneakers or even slippers. But her ultimate piece of accessory is her trusty cap. Scha admits that her number one item in her wardrobe, despite the gorgeous pieces of clothing, is her cap. The type of cap ranges, but its role as her go-to accessory remains: “I usually like the normal type or the bucket hat, for when I feel more ‘dressy’. But whichever it is, I’ll always have one with me.”

Tapered pants or loose slacks pull together a clean-cut outfit

When Awal wants to add a little elegant flair to his outfit, he’ll opt for a pair of tapered pants or slacks — his go-to colours are black, brown or beige. The easy, relaxed ankle pants is a staple piece in Awal’s wardrobe, and when he’s not donning his cropped jeans, you’ll almost always see him in tapered pants or slacks.

“It ties the whole look together, I think,” Awal says. “So, even when you’re wearing something simple for your top like a button-up or a sweater, when you throw on a pair of slacks, it really makes the whole outfit look smart.”

Oversized is always the way to go

Awal’s personal style mantra is, “Get comfortable.” Comfort is what he regards as his utmost priority when it comes to dressing himself. He believes that to feel good in your skin, you don’t have to look amazing all the time because at the end of the day, the need for comfort triumphs. And for Awal, comfort comes in the form of oversized T-shirts.

Scha shares this sentiment, and loves pairing her oversized shirts with leggings or equally oversized pants. She dubs it as her ‘mom outfit’, but we definitely see the simple charm in that!

(All images are taken from Scha and Awal’s respective Instagram pages.)

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