Much like how every woman should own a classic LBD – that’s little black dress – in their wardrobe, the men’s version of an LBD is a well-fitted suit. Before you get huffy about how our tropical weather doesn’t befit a good suit, know that there ways where you can get a bespoke suit for the hot weather too. Now that the tropical weather suit problem is settled, we can get down to knowing which bespoke suit tailors we need to take notice of in KL.

When it comes to suits, fit is always key — which is why the only way you can make it look good on you is to get it tailored just for you. Forget ready-made suits, because you want your suits to be made to measure for you, and you only.

There are the basics that one should know about buying suits, some of them being that your shoulder pads should not protrude beyond your actual shoulders, and your suit should still fit you snugly when you button it. Then, there are the little things to know what maketh a good suit, such as the turn back, a piece of fabric found under your jacket collar that is not only a sign of quality, but also enables you to alter the angle of your collar.

But determining how a suit fits shouldn’t be a huge headache, especially if you leave it up to these master bespoke suit tailors that have decades of experience under their belt. Read on to know where to tailor-made your suit next.