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Summer hats to keep you stylishly shaded during your beach holidays

Even if you’re not a hat person, you’d want these summer hats for that extra touch of drama especially for the beach holiday OOTDs you’ve been looking forward to.

Whatever holidays you’ve planned for the next few weeks, whether it’s a quick road trip to the countryside or perfecting the art of doing nothing at one of these beautiful islands, it is always a good idea to grab your trusty hat before heading out.

Hats are great accessories to have especially when you’re on a beach holiday. You never have to worry about a bad hair day, and it doubles as a gorgeous prop for an Insta-worthy OOTD shot. Even if you’re not dressing up, a summer hat can quickly elevate your look without having to do too much.

Simply peruse through the larger-than-life handmade straw hats by local Malaysian designer Hanna B. It is the kind of theatrics that will make you feel fashionable and sassy, yet safe and secure at the same time — like having your very own parasol with you everywhere you go.

But if you’re thinking of something simpler like a Panama hat, sunhat, visor or fedora, we have these summer hats to get you feeling inspired for your upcoming beach holiday.

(Featured image: Grant Legan / Song of Style)


This Gucci watersnake-trimmed embroidered raffia hat is perfect for sun-soaked days or simply lounging by the poolside because of the wide brim that provides ample shade. Embroided with the label’s iconic ‘GG’ motif, this statement hat has also some weight to keep its shape thanks to the watersnake trims.

US$910/ Approx. MYR 3,818
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The ‘Anita’ fedora by Eres is woven from paper and decorated with a colourful, mosaic-printed silk-twill ribbon for a vibrant touch. The grosgrain broadband keeps it comfortably in place. This medium-size hat is great to pair with midi or maxi dresses.

US$196.04/ Approx. MYR 822
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A look that you can carry for a special occasion or even to lie down by the beach with, Eugenia Kim’s ‘Veruschka’ hat is a statement piece to wear with either a tailored blazer, a plunging lace gown or even a printed swimsuit. Woven from raffia, it’s threaded with a tonal satin sash that can be tied neatly under the chin. The oversized brim also curves up to show off the face for a more dramatic look.

US$565.39/ Approx. MYR 2,368
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This floppy lightweight straw hat in Maison Michel’s ‘Blanche’ style is woven and trimmed with contrasting strips of lustrous grosgrain around the crown for an elegant finish. An essential accessory to stay cool and keeping the sun off the face, travelling with it can be made simple — just fill it with clothes to preserve the shape when stowing it in a suitcase.

US$487.79/ Approx. MYR 2,043
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Inspired by Monsieur Dior’s straw gardening hat, the beige patchwork raffia hat is a modern interpretation of a classic straw style. Accented by a woven raffia band embroidered with the ‘Christian Dior Paris’ emblem, the headpiece is cut with a frayed-edge brim — a perfect complement to a sundress.

US$1,238.63/ Approx. MYR 5,184
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Modelled on traditional gaucho styles, the wool-felt hat has a wide, structured brim and an internal browband for comfort. A statement look for summer, the black hat comes with an embroidered ribbon with red, white, blue and yellow tones for a touch of colour. Simply pair this with flowing dresses when lounging by the sea.

US$457.61/ Approx. MYR 1,919
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