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Summer in style: 10 men’s short-sleeved shirts to shop for now

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes. In the same vein, given our sweltering weather, it is only common sense that men wore short-sleeved shirts in order to not give themselves a heat stroke.

Thankfully, in the global fashion world, summer is currently in full swing and that means a myriad of sun-friendly outfits have just been released. They give you a polished look without increasing the heat like how long-sleeved shirts would.

It was once shunned at the workplace thanks to its casual silhouette, but as more office places introduce a relaxed working culture, the short-sleeved shirt is slowly finding its way back into the workplace — with caveats, of course.

Out of the office, short-sleeved shirts upgrade your style in a way that T-shirts are unable to. Thanks to its button-up design, it can be part of a smart casual outfit. If you’re afraid that you’d look too stuffy at a barbecue party with a button-up shirt, throw in some prints and voila — you’re cool again. You might even want to dig that Hawaiian shirt from the back of your wardrobe, because the last time we heard, they’re cool again. Want to sweat even less in your short-sleeved shirts? Opt for a linen material.

Now that we’ve convinced you of the flexibility of short-sleeved shirts, here are 10 latest pieces you can buy now:

1 /10

Berluti shirt

Give your outfit a military issue with this army-green shirt from Berluti, complete with pocket buttons. Don’t worry about looking or feeling stuffy in this, because the fabric is made from a lightweight cotton and mulberry silk-blend that has a velvety smooth texture.

RM3,000 (approx. conversion), Mr Porter

2 /10

Burberry short-sleeve cotton oxford shirt

Like the basic white tee, every man should also have a staple white cotton oxford short-sleeved shirt in their wardrobe. One can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt. Because your wardrobe staples should always come from a reputable brand, why not make it a Burberry?

RM1,480, Burberry

3 /10

Comme des Garcons Shirt cotton-seersucker shirt

You can’t go wrong with Japanese precision-tailoring, which is why this Comme des Garcons Shirt deserves a place in your wardrobe this summer. The light blue with white tonal polka dots makes this an easy, printed piece to pull off. The airy camp collar style also makes it a wearable piece in our hot climate.

RM1,100 (approx. conversion), Mr Porter

4 /10

Cos oversized kimono-sleeved shirt

Looking to put some edge into your outfit? Try  this kimono-sleeved oversized shirt from Cos. It’s meant to be layered over your bottoms, so don’t bother tucking this one in. It could work for the office, if the culture is liberal enough.

RM400 (approx. conversion), Cos

5 /10

Dunhill linen shirt

Linen shirts are where it’s at if you’re trying to keep extra cool this summer. The material’s weave makes for better airflow and its high absorbance makes it a good heat conductor. Spoil yourself with this linen shirt from Dunhill.

RM900 (approx. conversion), Mr Porter

6 /10

Gucci Stamp bowling shirt

Make the statement “I woke up like this” ring true with this pyjama-bowling hybrid shirt from Gucci. On the front, it looks like any other silky, pyjama-inspired shirt. Inspired by the hypnotic stamp print on the shirt, the back shows off a large “Hypnotism” print.

RM4,000 (approx. conversion), Gucci

7 /10

Mr P. striped shirt

Try out one of Mr Porter’s pieces from the exclusive Mr P. collection. Designed to be future classics that have enduring style, this striped shirt is precisely a piece that you’ll need in your wardrobe — not just for this season, but for many seasons to come. This shirt has been cut from an indigo and white cotton, linen and silk-blend that’ll fade and soften naturally over time and develop its own unique finish, making it better with every wash and wear.

RM635 (approx. conversion), Mr Porter

8 /10

Paul Smith printed voile shirt

Hawaiian-printed shirts are always known for their garish, over-representation of beach life. But we can venture a guess that you’ve never gotten a nighttime Hawaiian-printed shirt. Then, we suppose you’ll need this one from Paul Smith.

RM1,000 (approx. conversion), Mr Porter

9 /10

Prada Printed Woven Shirt

Continuing the trend of your not-so-average Hawaiian-printed shirts, we bring you this piece from Prada. It paints a coastal scene reminiscent of retro seaside postcards. The shirt is also made from an airy woven fabric, so it’ll feel fluid on your skin even during the hottest of days. You don’t have to be on holiday to wear this.

RM4,000 (approx. conversion), Mr Porter

10 /10

Theory jersey shirt

Test the waters of nude pink with this comfortable shirt made of a silk and cotton-blend jersey — like a T-shirt, but better. It’s also adorned with pearl buttons, giving it a rather polished look. Wear alone or under a navy blazer for a smart casual look.

RM500 (approx. conversion), Mr Porter

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
Poh Nee is the editor and writes about travel and drinks. When she's not living out her holiday dreams via Google Earth and sipping on an Old Fashioned down at the local bars, you can find her snug at home bingeing on Netflix and mystery fiction.
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