There are dads who really know how to take care of themselves, adopting a healthy lifestyle by eating responsibly and working out regularly — and in case you forget, the dadbod is still a thing. There are also dads out there who don’t really pay much attention on caring for themselves — so perhaps a pampering or grooming session would be perfect as a gift for Father’s Day.

But for fathers who are constantly in the know on the latest trends and cults in fashion, it can be quite a tricky feat to get something that he’d appreciate for a long time. That’s where a functional accessory like the watch comes in fittingly. It is a gift that he can cherish for a long time, and a piece that he can show off to his peers. And with watches treading on the ‘smart’ concept, sporting a smartwatch now makes you cool and current.

Here’s where we come in with your essential guide to the best timepieces to gift your dad on Father’s Day.