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The Dior Silk Scarves caught your attention? Here are 4 ways to style them

The Dior silk scarves remain as one of the key accessories for the Maison’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collection

For collectors, scarves are great for keepsakes or as wall-hung displays in glass frames. Silk scarves also add a touch of personalisation to your overall look, or a stylish touch to your handbags. At the heart of the Dior Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 RTW collection, the brand is bringing a touch of elegance and audacity with a repertoire of scarves depicting the House’s emblematic codes and works created by Italian artist Pietro Ruffo.

The poetic sketches are transposed using the method of pen engraving, with absolute attention to detail — making the Dior scarves so refined. Some of the most identifiable leitmotifs include the quintessential Oblique and toile de Jouy, one of Monsieur Dior’s most loved prints.  

Suffice to say, scarves have a magical touch when put together in a matching ensemble. Beyond wrapping it around the handles of your Lady Dior or Dior Book Tote, here are some creative ways to style the Dior silk scarves — especially from the latest Autumn/Winter 2021 RTW collection.

As a Headpiece

Scarves are great to mask bad hair days or simple to elevate your look — even neck up during WFH video calls. Make your presence in the room felt with a headpiece that screams luxury and elegance effortlessly. Wear it as a turban, a bandana or a headband — your choice.

As a Head Wrap

There are many ways to fashion a head wrap. Whether it is a traditional wrap or a more creative iteration, the possibilities are endless — twisted or knotted, symmetrical or swept to the side. You can always be creative by trying on the 70s head wrap style, or the gypsy wrap to up the ante.

As a Wrist Piece

You don’t always need to have hardware on your wrist. Turn the Dior silk scarves into tasteful wrist pieces to go with your look of the day. There are also many ways to tie a knot — find a style that suits you.

As a Hair-style

Take it a notch higher by braiding your hair with a scarf to add texture and flair. While it may take a while to master, a couple of tutorials online would turn you into a pro. Here’s a video to get you started.

(All images courtesy of Dior)

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