All the streetwear accessories to covet this Christmas.

Accessories will make or break your fit — too little and it looks basic. Too much and it’s seen as excessive. You’ll want to look your best for your upcoming Christmas dinners and parties, and you’ll want your favourite hypebeast to look good as well. These streetwear accessories will not only complement the entire outfit but also draw some compliments itself.

What’s great is that there are also many streetwear accessories that are perfect for your home. Not only will you have your outfits looking fire, but your own home too. Of course, if you’re still not sure what to get, you can always opt for a pair of sneakers. Then again, that’s way too easy, especially if you’re looking for a challenge.

When it comes to streetwear accessories, you have a host of options to choose from and to play around with. From necklaces to chains, bracelets, rings, and everything else in-between, we’ve got you covered in all aspects.

A Bathing Ape (Bape)

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While it isn’t an actual accessory, Bape releases its very own Christmas collection for both its own as well as its more affordable line, Baby Milo. Both of its signature Ape Head and Baby Milo tees are currently on sale with a Christmas-themed design. Kids can choose between a green or red tee with the Baby Milo motif on the front while adults can pick between a black or white Christmas Ape Head tee. A kid’s tee goes for US$93 (approx. RM376) while the adult size goes for US$135 (approx. RM546). Check out the collection here.

(Image credit: A Bathing Ape)


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Luxury streetwear designer and retailer, Kith is back once again, this time with its wide range of accessories to choose from. What’s great about Kith is that it offers more than just its own apparel — you can also shop from a large selection of luxury brands. But if you’re looking for something directly from Kith, a tote works wonders as a modern-day streetwear accessory. The Kith Hubert Carryall Tote comes in two designs made of polyester fabric with a built-in interior pocket as well as on the exterior. Check it out here.


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Neighborhood is considered to be one of the OGs when it comes to Japanese streetwear. Much like Bape, it has a cult-like following due to its avant-garde aesthetics. Neighborhood is also known for its wild accessories, which range from candles and diffusers to even fuel cans. While it serves a very specific purpose, why one would overpay for a fuel can is beyond anyone. But if it bears the Neighborhood logo, you know hypebeasts will go crazy for it (imagine if it were Supreme.) Check it all out here.

(Image credit: Neighborhood)


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When it comes to luxury streetwear, Off-White is arguably in a league of its own. And with Malaysia currently going through our annual monsoon season, what better accessory to gift your favourite hypebeast than an umbrella from Off-White? Its black long umbrella features the Off-White logo as well as the “Insert sunshine here” text, a long-standing tradition in many Off-White designs. There is also a taupe colourway as well as a see-through variant. Buy it here.


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Supreme has always been considered to be one of the holy grails in all of streetwear. Its box logo tees have always sold for over its retail price point, easily reaching into the thousands and beyond. When it comes to its accessories, Supreme has always been able to slap its name on just about anything and it will sell. Whether it be actual bricks, motorcycles, or a pinball machine, its the name that always sells and not just the accessory. But if you’re looking for something more practical, might we suggest the Supreme x The North Face faux fur waist bag? With many variants already available, the latest edition features faux fur with embossed logos of both Supreme and The North Face. It also comes in three colours — green, red, and black. Shop for it here.

(Image credit: Supreme)

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