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The iconic Dior Saddle, Lady Dior and more get an ultra-matte makeover

Dior reinterprets the Saddle, Lady Dior and 30 Montaigne collection in an ultra-matte finish. 

If you’re a ‘one in every colour’ kind of shopper, you’ll find the latest drops from Dior music to your ears. The French luxury brand has just released a collection that is beyond the rules of simplicity, fashioning its archival pieces including the regal Lady Dior in an unexpected texture.

Adopting the same silhouette and shape, the house of Dior now reimagines the emblematic Lady Dior, the Saddle bag and belt, and the 30 Montaigne glasses and bag in a full ultra-matte finish. The sheen-free surface accentuates a sense of elegance beyond words — accentuating minimalistic codes of the highest degree.

Paired with Dior’s timeless signatures, these accessories reinvent precious uniqueness, revealing an endless potential for variation and versatility.

Each of these eye-catching pieces comes in captivating colours like dusty pink, creamy grey, royal blue, immaculate white, sexy red and mint green. Unlike its previous collections in Afrikaans leitmotifs (seen in Dior Cruise 2020) and the effervescent Oblique print, Dior’s savoir-faire is captured beautifully in monotonous matte shades — allowing the detailed tailoring and blueprint to stand out in its own rights.

The latest ultra-matte accessories collection is a true testament to the concept of ‘less is more’, leaving you with boundless ways for creativity and imagination.


Martin Teo
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