The last thing you want to carry to your next weekend brunches or a girls’ day out is a big mommy bag. Yes, it can hold all your necessities from smartphones and powerbanks, to your emergency makeup supplies, car keys and selfie sticks, but you’ll end up having to drag an extra chair just to ‘sit’ your bag next to you.

ICYMI, mini buckets bags are currently on the rise as the new it-bag to covet. Fendi even launched a series of mini bucket bags for men during the spring/summer 2018 presentation on top of other compact arm candies in various shapes and sizes.

For the ladies, Fendi details the Mon Tresor mini bucket bag to fit the daily needs of everyday women. The dimensions are ergonomically measured for enough storage space without ending up looking like a stuffed dumpling.

These bucket bags are also designed with versatility and comfort in mind, allowing you to sport them effortlessly while looking chic all the way. So the next time you’re heading out for a weekend brunch or an afternoon tea, consider these latest mini bucket bags as your choice of arm candy.