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The latest Panthère de Cartier bag sees the evolution of the panther through the years

Structured, trapezoid shape, finely grained leather and black-speckled jewel clasp bearing the signature animal, the Panthère de Cartier collection is embodies the spirit of the panther.  

Wild, magnetic and feline: the panther has been a creative signature for Cartier since her first sighting in 1914, and has since become part of the brand’s legend. The eccentric, emancipated visionary, Jeanne Toussaint — nicknamed “La Panthère” — became the first who dared to flesh out the creature into three dimensions. Henceforth, her Panthère became the signature design for a generation of bold women who saw themselves reflected in her.

As the one who established the panther as a Cartier icon, Toussaint occupies a special place in the history of jewellery. In her eyes, jewellery was a symbol of independence, and the panther proved a perfect icon for such spirit: courage, beauty, grace, as well as a reclamation of power.

Lily Collins poses with the new Panthère bag in black.

The panther once again makes its appearance in the latest Panthère de Cartier bag, with its structured, trapezoid shape, finely grained leather and jewel clasp that evokes the original and creative heritage of Jeanne Toussaint.

How the iconic feline exercises its power on the Panthère de Cartier collection

From jewellery and watches to perfume and accessories, the panther has been reinvented over time and through different collections. No matter the artistic expression, Cartier always demonstrates its desire to embrace the essence of things through the proud and powerful panther.

Over the years, the panther has made its mark on the brand’s Panthère de Cartier collection in both prominent and subtle ways: whether it is a three-dimensional panther brooch of sapphires with white and yellow diamonds in 1949; or when the brand witnessed a shift from naturalism to abstraction in 2014 where the panther motif is stylised, its coat becoming more graphic. Regardless of the collection, the design pays tribute to the emblematic animal of the Maison.

Design, gem mounting and paving all contribute to the panther’s realistic charm, down to the very last detail — the panther’s silky coat, which Cartier creates using its own “fur” setting technique. The idea is not to imitate but to pay homage to nature, to breathe life into the animal and to provide it with a personality.

The Panthère de Cartier bag

Right off the bat, we see the impact of Toussaint’s vision in the latest Panthère de Cartier bag. The precious black speckled clasp is what we would notice first — the graphic panther’s head buckle curving into its body in a ‘C’-shape. Everything is structured: the shape, the handle, the gussets. The minimalist design of the bag serves to draw all our attention to the clasp, created in a collaboration between Cartier’s design studio and its High Jewellery sculptors. It is to them that the panther owes its realism, the purity of its lines and the accuracy of its proportions.

The Panthère bag can be worn over the shoulder or carried by hand. It comes in two looks and two sizes, a small and a mini model, to be worn on any occasion and is available in four colourways: black, cherry red, green or pale pink. All bags can also be personalised by adding initials or a date; either hot-stamped in gold foil upon the bag or by engraving the interior mirror.

Led by artistic director Marlin Yuson, the Panthère bag was designed in the accessories design studio at the Cartier International headquarters in Paris. To create the Panthère bag, Marlin Yuson relied on the jewellery expertise of Cartier’s workshops to determine the elegance of the bag and translate the panther’s vitality, while keeping its femininity and sophistication in harmonising with the rest of the Panthère de Cartier collection.

For more information about the Panthère de Cartier collection, visit the official website.

The latest Panthère de Cartier bag sees the evolution of the panther through the years

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