The NBA All-Star Weekend is all about celebrating how far the brand has come. It brings the who’s who of the basketball world with fashion increasingly playing an integral role.

With the NBA All-Star Weekend being basketball’s biggest party of the year, it gives the players all the more reason to showcase their swag. While there are some who are constantly making fashion statements, it’s usually the celebrities in attendance that are stealing the show. Luxury brands have caught onto this and have since jumped on-board the bandwagon as well.

Gucci stole the show this year with its GG Psychedelic Collection, featuring an exclusive basketball with the signature 70s-style rainbow GG monogram. The rest of the collection was Gucci’s way of celebrating the NBA All-Star Weekend with a special capsule launch taking place in Chicago.


Puma was also another brand to make a name for itself during the NBA All-Star Weekend. Not only did the brand announce its partnership with Grammy-winning rapper, J. Cole, but Swedish-based online streetwear retailer SneakersNStuff also unveiled a new ‘Streetball’ capsule collection.

But the history between luxury fashion brands and the NBA has been an ever-growing one. Last year saw Chinatown Market linking up with Puma while Nike’s very own Jordan brand ensured the week leading up to the All-Star Weekend is filled with sneakers galore.

While it is still in its youth, there is definitely space for luxury brands to grow with the NBA. Its partnership with Louis Vuitton just shows much appeal the NBA has with the rest of the world.

Wi-Liam Teh
Senior Writer
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