Still thinking of what to get dad this Father’s Day? Here’s a curated list of what you can get him this year.

If you’re not sure how to get the right gift for your dad this Father’s day, allow us to guide you on the right path. Although parents are easily satisfied and thankful for anything that you do — it is the thought that counts most of the time — it is always a good idea to give them with something that they can ‘show off’ to their friends or even use during their next holiday.

The first rule of thumb when it comes to buying gifts for dads is to understand his lifestyle, interests, personality and preferences. While fathers usually would oppose the notion of you spending thousands of ringgit on a little gift, many would treasure the gesture of love that you’re gifting them. So on top of cooking him a meal, or spend some quality time with your old man over some cognac, get him a special something to commemorate Father’s Day this year — it’s 2020 and everyone needs some positive energy.

The act of gifting is a symbol of love, appreciation, gratitude and respect. Whether it’s small or big, the way you show how much you love your parents goes a long way. In this ultimate Father’s Day gift guide, we’ve narrowed it down for you to help you find the perfect present that will definitely brighten up his day.

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On-the-Go Dad

Is he always on the run while juggling both work and family? Then equip him with utilitarian pieces for him to be both fashionable yet practical when heading out.

Sneaker Heads

If your dad has an eye for fancy shoes, we have some of the latest sneakers for him to sport during the next family outing. He’d appreciate the comfort in these sneakers but ultimately, choose something of a darker tone to keep the look sophisticated and timeless. 

Dad at Work

For boardroom meetings and business deals, you want your dad to look sharp and spiffy all the time. Instead of a timepiece this year, get him something that he could use to up his style game at work. It’s also a good idea to head back to the office with good spirits and a new ‘look’.

The Collector

If your dad has an eye for unique and interesting things or something to add to his growing collection of eccentric trinkets, consider these keepsake items. 

Jetsetter Dad

While travels are all on hold now, there’s no stopping for jet-setting dads to continue his excursions around the world — be it for business or leisure. He wants to be travel-ready, pack-and-go kind of guy.

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