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These are the 10 most covetable RIMOWA luggage collabs to date

As is the case with other facets of fashion, what is deemed stylish when moving between airport terminals has changed considerably across the decades, best expressed by the en vogue trends of the period. But in spite of all that, one thing remains consistent: a reliable, hardy piece of luggage, as RIMOWA can easily attest to with their range of limited-edition collabs with some of the world’s most eminent fashion labels.

Established in 1898, the German luggage maker first got its start in the city of Cologne as the brainchild of Paul Morszeck and Heinrich Görtz. However, Görtz would later depart from the company in 1900, leaving Morszeck the remaining director in charge. In 1930, his son Robert would go on to trademark the RIMOWA name, which was an acronym that spelled out Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen (Richard Morszeck Trademark).

But what is most curious is how the creation of their aluminum-sided trunks came to be, as the brand’s now signature design was conceived out of tragic necessity. After a massive blaze in 1937 razed their factory to the ground, the only components that RIMOWA had left in stock were aluminum, leaving them with little choice but to find a way to incorporate its use into its luggage.

The decision to do so proved to be an ingenious masterstroke, as the aluminum luggage proved more resilient and lightweight as compared to conventional trunks from the period. The rest, as they say, is history.

Traditionally, RIMOWA luggage sported the brand’s signature grooved sides, which takes after the same motif found on the world’s first all-aluminum passenger aircraft, the JUNKERS F13 from 1919. Today, the brand has successfully bolstered its appeal within fashion circles through its highly collectible range of collaborative editions, which include the likes of Dior, OFF-WHITE, Supreme, and most recently Tiffany & Co., just to name a few.

If you’re at a loss as to where to start with your RIMOWA collab collection, here are a few of our recommendations for the most covetable drops in recent memory.

The most coveted RIMOWA luggage collabs to get your hands on

1. Dior x RIMOWA

rimowa, rimowa collab, rimowa collaboration, moncler, tiffany & co, fendi, supreme
Image credit: Dior

Back in 2019, the French Maison of Christian Dior announced a rather unexpected partnership with RIMOWA through a limited capsule collection for their Summer 2020 menswear line. Imbuing core house codes from both labels, the range included everything from a regular travel trunk to a champagne case with a capacity to store six bottles of bubbly, all crafted from aluminum emblazoned with Dior’s signature monogram.

A shrunk-down version of RIMOWA’s luggage, aptly dubbed the Personal Case, immediately became a cult-classic favourite.

2. Supreme x RIMOWA

rimowa, rimowa collab, rimowa collaboration, moncler, tiffany & co, fendi, supreme
Image credit: RIMOWA

Another highly coveted collaboration to note was Supreme x RIMOWA, which was first announced back in 2018. With the New York-based streetwear brand at its height, the luggage’s release was buoyed on the viral marketing success that came after a smorgasbord of other absurdist items from Surpeme that included everything from a water bottle to a brick.

Where the RIMOWA partnership is concerned, the German brand reinterpreted their Topas Multiwheel suitcases to feature the Supreme logotype in both red and black painted aluminum, which were available in both a carry-on 45L size and a larger 82L size.

A second drop in 2019 featured the same luggage pieces, but this time wrapped in Supreme’s spider canvas print from Fall/Winter 2016.

3. Fendi x RIMOWA 

rimowa, rimowa collab, rimowa collaboration, moncler, tiffany & co, fendi, supreme
Image credit: Fendi

Another name from the high fashion circuit to debut a collaboration with RIMOWA was the Italian house of Fendi. Released in 2017, the union saw RIMOWA creating a version of their best-selling trolley case that was made with aluminum sides overlaid with Fendi’s signature FF Zucca print. It also featured a leather-wrapped handle and a contrasting yellow closing strap around the middle to further accentuate the Italian label’s most recognisable motifs.

A year later, both brands would partner again to relaunch the limited-edition luggage, this time with the addition of red and blue colourways.

4. Aesop x RIMOWA

rimowa, rimowa collab, rimowa collaboration, moncler, tiffany & co, fendi, supreme
Image credit: RIMOWA

Traveling doesn’t necessarily have to mean compromising your beauty rituals, and RIMOWA knows that for a fact when they decided to partner with skincare company Aesop to introduce a bespoke travel bundle for the convenience of frequent flyers frequenting airport lounges.

Dubbed the Köln Travel Kit, it contains a concise selection of hair, face, and body products from the famed Australian luxury company, tucked neatly into a bespoke aluminum travel case by RIMOWA.

5. Off-White x RIMOWA 

Image credit: RIMOWA

Streetwear titan Off-White has earned a name for itself as one of the most prodigious streetwear labels to debut in the past 2 decades in fashion, and that is all thanks to the ingenuity of its trailblazing founder, the late Virgil Abloh. A collaboration between Off-White and RIMOWA first made the rounds across fashion back in 2018 under the “Rethought Product Line” collection, featuring a clear polycarbonate trolley suitcase.

This would follow with a second collaboration drop under the “PERSONAL BELONGINGS” collection, which saw the use of RIMOWA’s signature aluminum with the words ‘PERSONAL BELONGINGS’ printed across the front. A third collab, dubbed “SEE THROUGH”, was introduced in conjunction with HYPEFEST, featuring the same clear polycarbonate suitcases from before but with newly designed inserts.

6. Daniel Arsham x RIMOWA

Image credit: RIMOWA

In the realm of contemporary art, Daniel Arsham easily stands as one of its most recognisable faces through his signature aesthetic of eroded stonework and patinaed bronze. In 2019, Arsham was tapped by RIMOWA to release a limited run of luggage that featured custom graphic motifs that he designed.

The end result was an archival pilot case machined out of silver aluminum and decorated with the aforementioned graphics, which housed an eroded turntable sculpture within. The artist also sculpted an ‘eroded suitcase’ piece that was released alongside a host of his other ‘relic’ sculptures.

7. adidas x RIMOWA

rimowa, rimowa collab, rimowa collaboration, moncler, tiffany & co, fendi, supreme
Image credit: adidas

Beyond the realm of streetwear and high fashion, sports apparel brand adidas has similarly made a splash through a luggage collaboration with RIMOWA just late last year. The capsule collection featured hallmarks of both German brands, which included future-forward touches that were also utilitarian in their function.

An aluminum backpack was developed by RIMOWA that was painted in a pale hue of olive, complemented by a darker camo-green band featuring the labels of both brands as well as a nylon braided rope top-handle and broad back straps. Matching RIMOWA x ADIDAS NMD_S1 sneakers completed the look.

8. Porsche x RIMOWA

Image credit: Porsche

A pairing that nobody saw coming and yet made a shocking amount of sense, was German sportscar manufacturer Porsche’s collaboration with RIMOWA. After all, travel didn’t merely encompass mediums by air, but as well as those on the ground as well. In which case, having bespoke luggage designed to fit seamlessly into your high-performance coupe is a prerequisite.

This joint union featured only one item: the RIMOWA Hand Carry Case Pepita. Lifting inspiration from the original Porsche 911, it is machined out of aluminum and wears a prominent Porsche crest smack-dab in the middle, with leather straps accenting all four corners of the case. Only 911 units of the case were ever produced, making them incredibly elusive on the collector’s market.

9. Moncler X RIMOWA

rimowa, rimowa collab, rimowa collaboration, moncler, tiffany & co, fendi, supreme
Image credit: RIMOWA

For fans of apres ski chic, you’ll only need to stock up from the Moncler x RIMOWA ‘REFLECTION’ collaboration to complete your ski lodge wardrobe with. First introduced in 2020, the collection introduced a new polished mirror finish on RIMOWA’s classic trolley luggage bags, accented by contrasting matte-black hardware details.

But beyond that, the luggage came with an added party trick up its sleeve: a removable LED ticker screen that can be programmed by the user to feature any rolling text across its front. Sadly, this feature was later committed in subsequent iterations of the suitcase.

10. Tiffany & Co. x RIMOWA 

rimowa, rimowa collab, rimowa collaboration, moncler, tiffany & co, fendi, supreme
Image credit: Tiffany & Co.

The most recent design partnership that RIMOWA has embarked upon is their collaboration with American jewelers Tiffany & Co., which has predictably set the fashion press abuzz. The three-piece capsule collection features the use of the luggage maker’s aluminum and polycarbonate exterior, this time finished in a faceted motif inspired by diamonds, obviously.

Trimmed in Tiffany Blue, a key highlight from the range is the inclusion of a secure Jewelry Case, which bears the distinction of being RIMOWA’s first-ever vanity design. Held in place by a numeric lock, the case is trimmed in matching Tiffany Blue velvet inserts and a removable sterling silver plaque.

Feture and hero image credits: Moncler, RIMOWA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is RIMOWA famous for?
– RIMOWA is a German luggage maker best known for its aluminum-sided luggage cases and trunks. 

2. How long does a RIMOWA suitcase last?
– Depending on how it is cared for, RIMOWA suitcases can last for decades. In fact, all models bought after 25th July 2022 even come with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

3. Why are RIMOWA luggage trunks so expensive?
– RIMOWA luggage cases and trunks are typically more expensive due to their use of lightweight and durable aluminum and polycarbonate, in addition to innovative features such as their proprietary Multiwheel System.

4. What are the benefits of RIMOWA luggage?
– RIMOWA luggage cases and trunks offer travellers a reliable, dependable, and durable means of keeping their belongings safe when in transit.

These are the 10 most covetable RIMOWA luggage collabs to date

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