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This is how you should care for your bespoke shoes

You probably paid a couple of thousand ringgits for these special, custom-made bespoke leather shoes and they look amazing with all of your outfits — especially in that spiffy bespoke suit. You’ve been taking extra care of it since they cost so much, but are you actually cleaning and storing them the proper way?

Keeping your bespoke shoes nicely not only ensures that they will look great at any angle when you bring them out for a walk but also increasing its lifespan ( and more value for money). Shoemakers spend a large amount of time making sure that the leather is seamless and every stitch is perfect — what better way to show appreciation than taking care of your bespoke shoes the right way. Here’s how.

(opens in a new window)RoutiRoutine polishing

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure your shoes stay clean. We’re not talking about wiping every dirt or dust down whenever you spot them on your shoes (while that works too), but having a routine polishing preserves its shine and texture so that you’ll look like you have a brand new pair everytime you head out. Have a basic shoe cleaner and conditioner that will get rid of any dirt plus replenish the leather to its original state — this can be done at least once a month, twice if you have the extra time. Coloured shoe cream also helps restore the colour and we highly recommend going the extra mile with a protective wax to seal in your hard work.

Shoe trees are your friend

Maintain your bespoke shoes’ shape with shoe trees — as simple as that. Those that are made from cedar are even more beneficial, as they have moisture-absorbing properties that will take in any that your feet may generate. It’s not the same as leaving it to dry under the sun, the moisture doesn’t dry quick enough on its own and it will cause further damage to the shoe. Plus, getting shoe trees is the most inexpensive way to maintain your bespoke shoes.

Swap the soles and lace

When the soles start to wear down from the constant walking, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line for your shoes. You can easily replace them where you got the shoes from or from a cobbler. Same goes to the laces, they tend to fray a little after all the tugging and knotting — which makes your shoes look much older and worn out than it originally is. Just swapping them gives a completely brand new look and feel.

Don’t wear them every single day

Bespoke shoes are meant to be worn on special occasions. If possible, it’s best to not wear them on a day-to-day basis. Once you’ve put them out and gone through the day, give them at least a day of rest so that the leather can go back in shape and the moisture trapped within the shoes can be dried out with the shoe trees.

This is how you should care for your bespoke shoes

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