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Marking 47 years of the yellow boot, Timberland invites you to share your tale through the “What’s Your Yellow Boot Story” social media campaign.

Introduced in 1973 as one of the first waterproof leather boots of its kind, the iconic yellow boot was named Timberland. It was identified by its premium full-grain nubuck leather, thick rubber lug soles and unprecedented craftsmanship. Coined the ‘yellow boot’, the footwear was inspired by pragmatic form and function, not trends and runways — it was made for the hardworking New Englanders of the era. 

Decades later, the yellow boot has made its way into mainstream fashion with multitudes of iterations in various colours, materials and silhouettes. Soon, the boot itself became fashionable, winning hearts with its unmistakable shape, hardy features, and rugged yet authentic appeal. 

In conjunction with its 47th-anniversary celebrations, Timberland invites you to share your personal yellow boot story. To kickstart the campaign, Timberland is narrating the "What's Your Yellow Boot Story” through four influencers who are no strangers to the brand. Pioneers in their respective artistry and field, these four gentlemen – Ethan Chu, Dick Chua, Fiqrie, and Dennis Yin – share their journey with these iconic yellow boots to inspire everyone out there to keep the journey and adventure going.

Check out these images, shot by Timberland collaborators as they share their journey with the yellow boot. 

Keep the adventure going with Timberland’s “What’s your Yellow Boot Story” campaign
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