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Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland collaboration is steeped with eco-innovation codes

The highly anticipated second drop of the Tommy and Timberland collection forges a new vision for the future through design, eco-innovation and style.  

Tommy Hilfiger, and global outdoor work and lifestyle brand Timberland, announce the first collaboration of their Fall 2021 TommyXTimberland collection. The full assortment of apparel, footwear and accessories is a creative clash between the classic American DNA of Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland’s authentic outdoor and work aesthetic. The creative venture between Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland see the heritage immersion and coming together of two brands that shaped the style and zeitgeist of the ‘90s.

Drop 1-REMIX is a 17-piece hybrid capsule that pays homage to the colourful signature styles of the time, celebrating the brands’ heritages and shared cultural influences; while Drop 2-REIMAGINE which contains 48-piece looks ahead to reshape the future by featuring more sustainable pieces that focus on pushing the boundaries of eco-innovation. This collection reinforces both brands’ deep commitment to building stronger communities and reducing the environmental footprint of the products by rethinking the production processes and sourcing more responsible, long-lasting materials.

The DROP 1-REMIX capsule, which was released earlier, brings back carefully selected hero pieces from the archives that capture the spirit and energy of the ‘90s and remixes them to forge a new creative vision rooted in authenticity, sustainability and style. Both brands were created by culture, and each piece echoes back to the hip-hop scene that changed their course and took them from runways and trails to the streets. Throughout the range, the signature Timberland wheat and orange complement the heritage red, white and blue palette of Tommy Hilfiger. A hybrid logo fusing the emblems from both brands runs throughout the collection.

The DROP 2-REIMAGINE capsule, the latest to hit the stores, focuses on five bold eco-innovations, which the Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland teams plan to scale in future seasons. These eco-innovations include eliminating waste (puffer jackets feature filling made from liability fabrics blended with at least 65% EcoLoftTM, a bio-based and recycled down-like synthetic fiberfill visible through the translucent material); using natural dyes where the parka is tinted with plant-based rice dye; incorporating durable materials like 100% recycled polyester with long-lasting black label GORE-TEX for waterproof protection; using responsible natural rubber for footwear outsoles; and employing regenerative leather sourced  from farms that use regenerative practices in the making of its black boots.

“This collaboration is a big celebration of what partnership and a shared determination to expand new horizons can achieve,” shares Mr. Tommy Hilfiger. “We took the best of our designs and the best of our sustainability knowledge and brought it all to the table for a collection that really pushes the needle. We looked at different elements of our designs and said ‘how can we do this better?’ The whole collection is about looking forward and shaping the future we want to see for the next generation.”

Both drops are now available at Timberland® Pavilion KL and Sunway Pyramid, as well as on Lazada MY.  

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