Ah, black tie events. An invitation to these occasions can have women exclaim the same note of panic in chorus: I have nothing to wear! This is not to mean they actually don’t have anything to wear, of course, because they do. It’s just that they don’t want to be seen wearing the same evening gown again in such a short span of time.

As much as these formal events can make a fashionista excited for another opportunity to dress up, it can also strike fear of not finding the right outfit appropriate for the occasion. So before you lose another second to alarm, it’s best to dial the city’s most trusted designers for the soonest appointment.

Consulting with top Malaysian designers can ensure that you’ll look your absolute best. Just imagine the dress of your dreams being custom-made to fit your exact measurements. What’s more interesting is that each of them, inspired by different cultural influences, has their own interesting take on fashion that should lessen your chance of bumping into another guest in the same dress.

So, save yourself a couple of trips to the mall — or Italy or Paris for this matter. Just visit the flagship stores of the best Malaysian designers, who can give you some serious gala-worthy fashion.