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Trend to try: Bright and bold neon is the way to get attention

Afraid that we’ll start the article with ‘here’s another trend to try that is from your grandmother or dad’s closet’? — It’s not and now you may release a sigh of relief. We’re noticing a sudden rise of a bright and bold shade and it’s nothing to do with your relatives’ closet, or anything near eyewear chains and dad sandals. Autumn may be all about dark, browns and plums but neon seems to be the colour of the season.

According to fashion giants, fluorescent shades are in. It’s not a passing trend that we thought it would be, but thanks to the likes of the Kardashians who ‘revived’ the so-called cult style. Fashion giants soon picked it up and we’ve seen many shades of them on runways of Jeremy Scott, Off-White, Gucci and Emporio Armani. Plus, neon does not just mean the bright, florescent green that you often see. Neon pinks, orange, yellow are also part of this growing trend.

From left: Off-White, Jeremy Scott, House of Holland

Speaking of standing out in the crowd, statement jewellery or makeup works, but have you seen neon outfits in pictures? — you’ll be the outstanding one. It doesn’t have to be an entire neon outfit or in just one solid colour. Off-White, for instance, combines neon and animal print together; while at the House of Holland, various neon shades (both ‘muted’ and striking) are mixed together. Here are our favourite picks.

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