It seems like it was only yesterday when dad sneakers became a big trend in the fashion industry. Fashion giants; namely Louis Vuitton, Gucci and of course, not forgetting Balenciaga, were at the front of the line with their adaptation of the chunky dad sneakers.

That ugly-chic aesthetic of shoes are still trending but here comes another contender — ironically, it’s also one that you may have seen it your dad’s shoe cabinet. Dad sandals or some may call them tourist sandals; often seen on dads when they go on hikes or other outdoor jaunts and is usually paired with socks — they re back to haunt us once again. Same as the chunky dad sneakers, these are also equally ‘unfashionable‘ but the fashion world has decided to pick them up and make them cool again.

Chanel released these chunky dad sandals in 2016.

These are characterised by its soft, comfortable footpad and velcro straps — which we understand why it would appeal to so many people, including the elderly. But will those work in the fashion world or even appear in the likes of high-fashion Vogue? Gucci, Chanel and Prada made them possible.

Images: Farfetch

Jolin Lee
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