The white sneakers trend is definitely not going anywhere. What started out as tennis shoes in the 70s, then as platforms in the 90s came back last year when Adidas released a variety of designs for their Stan Smiths.

All signs point to its timeless quality as celebrities are still rocking a pair of their favourite white sneakers. After all, the great thing about these kicks is its versatility: It can be worn with anything and pretty much anywhere.

Sharifah Sakinah wore it to the mall, then was spotted together with her bff Betty Rahmad, who also wore a pair at the gym. And before you cast off white sneakers as casual wear, Sazzy Falak proved us wrong by pairing one with a golden dress at the Thavia Feminist Theory launch last month.

Sazzy Falak and friends at “the reveal of #ThaviaFeministTheory project ❤️”. Taken from her Instagram @sazzyfalak

If you didn’t join in the phase where every girls gotta own a pair of white sneakers, you might consider it now. Sneakers from sport houses are the go-to choices, but if you want to kick it up, high end fashion brands do produce some quirky white sneakers of their own as well. From rainbow stripes to funky details, there are a great deal of white sneakers out there for you to choose from.