The fashion industry may be a forever-changing one but there are things that somewhat stay the same throughout the years. Short-sleeved shirts, for example, are reinterpreted many times have and always been a staple for men. The 90s trend: the fanny pack, aka belt bag‘s popularity has also risen recently.

Dive in deeper though and classic items come to the fore.  Chanel’s classic flap bag and the matching tweed suit is one example, so is the Hermes Birkin bag, Gucci’s loafers and Burberry’s trench coat. Speaking of Burberry, their elegantly structured camel trench coat is not the only item that is well-known to many, their plaids are also instantly recognisable.

The famous chequered or tartan print has been around for as long as we can remember. What was introduced as a national print for Scotland has become a timeless pattern on runways that we now call plaids. They may be commonly associated with lumberjacks but soon after, big fashion labels like Gucci, Burberry, and Versace took this iconic print to their drawing boards and produced the most recognisable pieces (with their own reinterpretation) on the runway.

When you think there can’t be nothing more than just stripes and blocks, these fashion brands will prove you wrong. Plaids have been making appearances on every season and runway. Its original elements of stripes are carried on since the early 50s until this very day is proof that the iconic print is here to stay.

Featured image credit: IMAXTREE