The local fashion scene is on a constant rise, don’t you agree? They’ve been making names both here and international, including Cassey Gan who made it to AW19 fashion week in London. This 36-year-old designer is just one of many that will soon soar on the runways, but let’s take a ‘step’ back with our Malaysian shoe designers first.

What’s unique about Malaysian shoe designers is they truly understand how diverse our country is, which inspires them to create more looks that are well, Malaysian. Kulet, for example, may have one of the most Instagrammable feeds out of the five designers below, but their nude-toned footwear in a variety of shades is what made them a standout. Another huge plus point on purchasing a pair of shoes from a local brand is that most of them are customisable — which is heaps of fun if you’ve been wanting a shoe design of your own or even the wedding shoes of your dreams — brands like Christy Ng offer that service.

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Established in 2016 by Aina Syahirah and Julie Anne, the name Kulet (pronounced as ‘kulit’ in Bahasa, which mean skin) is not chosen out of randomness. If you haven’t realised, their shoe designs are based on a nude colour palette which is meant to be suitable for all skin tones. They focus on more timeless designs, only using non-animal derived leather.

Christy Ng


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When one thinks of customisable shoes, there is a very high chance that the name Christy Ng would come up. She has been in the industry since 2011, starting with just an online platform to now a full-fledged office and store which she calls the Shoe Heaven.



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Xalf carries shoes that are classic but with a modern touch focusing on the use of intricate detailing and meticulous workmanship. Founders Xavier Mah and Alfred Hor (both names combined spells out Xalf) describe their brand as a “home-grown label with international aspirations”.

Nelissa Hilman


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Nelissa Hilman has been in the shoe designing business since 2012 and her shoes have been on social media and worn by countless celebrities since the beginning of her business. Her shoes are meant to be a celebration of women, by implementing youthfulness, comfort, craftsmanship and the use of sustainable material.

Mel & Molly


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A strong passion for bags and shoes led two best friends to open Mel & Molly. They specialise in both footwear and bags that carry a classy and timeless-feel to them. You can find anything from flats to sandals, even sneakers in a variety of nude shades which we rarely see in the market.

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