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Wes Gordon sheds light on the Carolina Herrera Heart for Hope charitable initiative

The Carolina Herrera Heart for Hope charitable initiative runs globally from now until 31 December 2020.

Carolina Herrera launches Heart for Hope, a new charitable initiative born in response to the current global situation. Through Carolina Herrera Heart for Hope project, 10% of all handbag and other accessories sales will be channelled to Red Cross and Red Crescent foundations globally for all Covid-19 relief initiatives, starting today until 31 December 2020.

As a benefactor of togetherness and hope, the brand aims to give the community a voice in favour of those most in need especially during the pandemic. Carolina Herrara takes pride in every stitch and scent, thought and care into every leather they use. The brand believes that all of its products tell stories, and want them to be part of the today’s narrative.

The brand also see this initiative as a collaboration with clientele, an invitation for them to collaborate in the relief of complications caused by the pandemic. This includes signature pieces like Andy, Matryoshka, Bimba, and extends to the newest members of the CH Insignia family, Metropolitan, Initials and Doma.

Giving a deeper insight on the ongoing campaign, Creative Director of Carolina Herrera, Wes Gordon shares his thoughts on the Carolina Herrera Heart for Hope initiative in an exclusive interview for Lifestyle Asia KL.

Wes Gordon with Carolina Adriana Herrera.

Why have you decided to build this initiative around handbags? What do they represent to the brand?

Handbags are a very important pillar of our brand at Carolina Herrera, handmade in Spain by the best artisans with the utmost attention, care and skill. Our leather goods are a representation of who we are – quality, integrity and the ability to stand the test of time. It is these values that are reflected in the founding of the Heart for Hope project.

How does this sense of craftsmanship translate into the Carolina Herrera New York fashion collections?

My designs and visions cannot come to life without the skill and artistry of our atelier in New York, which I can say with confidence is parallel to none. Since my first day at Carolina Herrera, I have been awed and inspired by the skill, knowhow and technical wizardry of our pattern-making and atelier team. They are able to make our sketches on paper come to life in the most fantastical way imaginable and translate the spirit of alegría de vivir (the joy of life) through every seam, stitch and hem. I am privileged to work with them, and this is truly something that makes Carolina Herrera New York absolutely unique.


What does this crisis teach us about the role of a fashion brand in today’s society?

Fashion is about community, optimism and hope. While this may be a challenging time for the industry as a whole, it is our job to reach out, listen and think of ways that we can support our communities in every possible way to make positive impact.

How do you approach a big project like this one?

By contributing with something we do best – our meticulously crafted handbags. We hope that through one small gesture we can ultimately inspire greater change. Personally, I am so inspired by how everybody has come together in solidarity to bring this project our customers around the world.


How relevant is solidarity to Carolina Herrera as a brand? What other projects are the most meaningful?

Carolina Herrera was founded on the values of a family company, and families look after each other. It is in this spirt of solidarity and integrity that we founded Heart for Hope, with the goal of inspiring hope and joy in the projects we choose to partner with and undertake. Previously, we have partnered on the CH Pink Project, which is celebrating its 11th anniversary in our battle against Breast Cancer. While the COVID-19 Pandemic is the initiative’s main focus for the rest of 2020, we will continue to listen and seek out meaningful projects as we move forward.

As a fashion designer, what does this initiative mean?

I am proud that that this initiative connecting creativity and product with action and direct relief, through the Red Cross and Red Crescent for the 2020 phase for Heart for Hope. It is critical at this time that we actively seek out ways to help those in need, and continue to do so even after the pandemic subsides. It may be a dark time right now, but we get through it together and we must continue to do what we can to encourage hope, kindness and positivity where we can and share the light.

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