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What to expect when Dior Lady Art #3 debuts in Malaysia on 10 January

Good news for fans of Dior: The third edition of the Dior Lady Art is showing in Malaysia, joining the few boutiques around the world to host the collection after debuting at Art Basel in Miami last month. Come 10th January 2019, Malaysians will be able to take a closer look at the reinvented bags at Dior Starhill Gallery.

The Lady Dior bag one of the brand’s most iconic pieces, designed in 1995 during the gap year between Gianfranco Ferré and John Galliano’s stints. On its creation, it was presented by the First Lady of France as a gift to Princess Diana during the opening of Cézanne exhibition in Paris. The Princess of Wales took it everywhere with her and ordered one in every version — making Lady Dior a fashion essential in the late 90s.

Unlike the first two installations that offered a reworking of Dior’s identity-forming handbags, Lady Art #3 focuses on the reinvention of the bag –- some even call it the most daring reinvention.

American artist Polly Apfelbaum reinterprets the Dior Lady bag with colours and geometry.

Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri consciously chose only women to redesign the Dior bag – something unheard of in the house of Dior.

Eleven artists from around the world were given carte blanche to reinterpret the bag with a new design based on their artistic expressions, geographical and generational influences as well as their individual aesthetics.

Expect nothing less than an extravagant show of creativity as each bag tells a unique and different story. Just take the floral vocabulary of 16th century Iznik ceramic and the Turkish faience decorations on Turkey’s Burçak Bingöl reimagined bag — each translated beautifully to accentuate the indefinite power of imagination. Even the mirroring bubbles of Japan’s Haruka Kojin and the futuristic stokes of China’s Li Shurui set an exemplary display of the nuances in the future of design.

Haruka Kojin and the mirroring bubbles on the bag.

These ladies were given full control to shape something uniquely theirs using their distinctive styles and backgrounds within the Dior canon. The results proved spectacular. Lady Art #3 promises a spectacle of cultural intervention and evolving art movements that differ in form from artist to artist while bringing women from all over the world into the same room – united by a Dior handbag.

You can also get your hands on these limited edited pieces that will be put on sale from 10 January 2019. Be sure to make your way there as soon as they roll these bags out because we are sure they wouldn’t be there for long.

The pieces will be available at Dior’s Starhill Gallery boutique on 10 January 2019.

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